Abandoned hospitals and factories, forgotten churches, old mansions, ruined castles

Categories of abandoned places.

In this part of the page you can browse deserted places which have been divided to different categories. You can find here old mansions, ruined castles, ancient palaces, abandoned factories, hotels, recreational buildings, abandoned hospitals, old churches and cemeteries, forgotten train stations, forts, bunkers and other military facilities etc.

Mansions and palaces

the Abandoned manor and the abandoned palaces. The representative residential buildings, often former headquarters of the great houses. Buildings are often stunning for its rich ornamentation and large proportions.


the Abandoned factory: milk plants, brick plants, gas plants, power plants, sawmills, etc. Production enterprises with large-scale organized production cycle based on the work of people and machinery. Beautiful and ugly at the same time.

Hotels, Vacation

the the haunted hotels, the abandoned recreation and other abandoned objects rest. The objects included in the tourism infrastructure, which includes the cost of accommodation and travel.


the Abandoned stations, abandoned railway station, the abandoned locomotives, wagons and all other infrastructure, or abandoned objects, on a train.

Cathedrals, churches and cemeteries

the the Abandoned Church chapel, old cemetery (from Christian after the Jewish) abandoned churches - that is, all places associated with religious beliefs.


the Abandoned FORTS, castle ruins, the abandoned bunkers etc. are All places associated with the army, police and other services mundurowymi.


the Abandoned hospitals (psychiatric, etc.) and other abandoned objects, medical. All the places associated with the Ministry of health, therapy centers, mountain resorts, etc.

The rest

Other abandoned places, for example, an abandoned cinema, old cars, etc. All objects which do not fit the other categories.

Abandoned places by localization.

In this part of the page you can browse abandoned places by locations. In the Polish part you will find abandoned places divided to voivodeships and in the second one: objects divided to many different countries.

My travels.

As you may have noticed, nothing on this site has been added for some time. But no, I did not leave this project, I'm just busy with others. Currently I am building a website called Fshoq!, where I'm writing a travel blog, where you can find both my new and those old adventures. So if you are waiting for more of my texts or pictures, this is the place I think it is worth looking into. After I will make Fshoq! site more popular, I'm going to get back to Into the Shadows, as I'm having more and more explorations of abandoned places to describe. Meanwhile, see you later!

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