Mazowieckie - Abandoned Villa 'KJ': information, history, photos.

Abandoned Villa 'KJ': History, information.

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Abandoned Villa was built in the early nineteenth century. It's a big building with porches and an adjoining tower. Currently part of the building is a grocery store.

Unfortunately, I cannot find much information about this abandoned Villa. I know that it was built in the early nineteenth century, however, it is not known exactly in what year. He is also listed in the register of monuments, which is likely, it is related that still stands. There is a place were a lot of climate verandahs and jewelry, at present, however, in the center you can find, little equipment and decorative elements. In the corner of the building, on the streets of the Border and the Hospital is a grocery store.

I was able to find in the newspaper of the Republic of such a fragment of the statements of the anonymous resident of course, even in the Lake district on the topic of this particular building:

- This is a beautiful house on the corner of Hospital and Border service, says anonymous a resident of course, even. -We know that he bought a private investor. And does nothing. And the building, the floor collapses, roof naderwany falls porch.

We can't force them to, so he took care of the property,- the mayor explains. -We only send the tips to cleaned area.

But as the building collapses, the restorer did not help - shrugs Żurowska. - This is because private hands not for the villas accommodating.

It is easy therefore to understand, what is the fate of this isolated Villa. The owner will wait until the monument will collapse, and then in its place build something new.

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User image Radi Urbex
Radi Urbex
16 November 2016, 17:42
Byliśmy tam w zeszłym tygodniu, obecnie ten budynek wygląda o wiele gorzej, jest dużo mocniej zaśmiecony i rozwalony. Swoja drogą sklep na rogu chyba już nie działa.

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