Łódzkie - Abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach: information, history, photos.

Abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach: History, information.

Localization: Łódź Voivodeship, Poland.
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Opuszczony pałac w Bartoszewicach - zdjęcie archiwalne, kiedyś.
Abandoned Palace in Bartoszewicach - photo archive.

Abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach was built by Casimir Rzewuskiego in the first half of the twentieth century, but mentions of the city date back to the XIV century. Informed of another wooden mansion. A very distinctive glass roof was completed in 1974, when the Palace was already deserted, and only after that to prevent further decay of the buildings.

The first historical information about Bratoszewicach date back to the XIV century, that is from the years 1341 - 1376 - he was a residence of the house Bratoszewskich (Prawdzic coat of arms). In subsequent centuries the owners changed: from family Oporowskich the Sulima coat of arms (XV century), through Goślubskich (XVI century) called later Bratoszewskimi coat of arms Sulima. Old slab grave which can be found here, since the beginning of the XVII century: Sophie Bratoszewskiej and Dorothy Bratowszewskiej and it's the only one left after this.

They say that at the end of the XVII century over the reigns Bratoszewicami family Jaxów-Bykowskich (the arms of the Fretboard), but historical sources suggest otherwise: under elekcją Stanislaus Aug find under the documents from these territories signing Casimir Bartoszewskiego (warrant officer and member of the Earth Gostyńskiej) and John Edmund (stolnika gostyńskiego).

Opuszczony pałac w Bratoszewicach z lotu ptaka.
Abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach from the height of bird flight. Source: wsiodle.lodzkie.pl

At the turn of XVIII and xix centuries the land Bratoszewską run by the family Czarneckich. In the cemetery we can find the disk Czarneckiej eve (1809). Her son, whose name was Alexander, he was a judge ziemiańskim, and in 1807 she was a judge of appeal in Warsaw. 23 years later, he was already a Senator by the Governor. In the list of the SUV with those times, we find information that in the town there was an Italian garden around a pond and a garden in the yard. According to some this is proof that the origins of the current Park reach the tip of the XVIII century. Until today, preserved up to our days is also a project to expand a small, modest yard on the plan of the square - there is a suspicion that it's the same yard contained in the list of the SUV. On draft it was a wooden, two-piece, with an extended portico and hipped roof form is interesting.

In 1842 Alexander Avdeev dies, and his well-prepared administrator Wincentemu Axe-Matuszewskiemu, and 10 years later the territory receives Casimir Lemański. Stephanie, who was his daughter, in 1885, married Wenceslaus of family Rzewuskich (coat of arms of Harm). Due to this mariażowi well bratoszewskie fall into the hands of the family Rzewuskich (formally only in 1900). Vaclav dies ten years later, and takes good care of his son, Casimir (according to sources, a man with a broad Outlook, a wealth of knowledge, educated). He had just started the construction of the Palace, which now abandoned was shown on this page.

Palace Bratoszewicach was completed in 1927 in the French Renaissance style (three symmetrical facades and hold is a patio-internal) - out of the hands of the designer and architect of Warsaw: Julia Nagórskiego (lived in the period 1887 - 1944). He has also developed (and is already in 1913), the chapel grobową for family Rzewuskich.

The Palace itself was for Casimir Rzewuskiego only a summer house - he lived in Warsaw.

The last ten years before the SECOND world war was for the owner of the Palace bratoszewickiego severe: worsened its financial position so much that it started wyprzedawać their land. The Palace was supposed to be sold, but it was interrupted by the war.

After the war

After the cessation of fighting, in the framework of land reform the property Rzewuskiego rozparcelowano, the rest przesła share of the State Treasury. The farm was replaced by the IRT, the Palace at the time, was turned into a Training Centre for Agricultural and from that time he began very slowly to succumb to destruction. in 1958 there was opened the Annual School Agricultural-Gospodarską for Girls, and four years later: College-Water Runoff. In 1969 on the territory of the Palace gardens was built a new school building, which completely broke the consistency and appearance of both the Palace and its gardens. By the way, and covered also part of the joint, combining with the mainland island, which by this time was in the middle of the reservoir (this is it, probably, in the XVI century there was the old yard).

In 1974 it was decided the inner courtyard of the Palace to cover a glass roof to prevent the further very advanced destruction of the object. Four years later, the building will be entered in the register of monuments. A few years later, this place is a boarding school of the group of Agricultural schools, but in 1984 the Palace was a fire that damages part of the roof. Attempt wyremontowania in 1988, ends in a fiasco due to lack of money. Since this place is abandoned and the Palace along with the garden more and more destroyed. Currently, the Palace was able to restore the descendants of Casimir Rzewuskiego may be due to the fact that something will change.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Balcony and columns
Photo shows a front yard with entrance columns and a large balcony. Unfortunately, the abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach more and more destroyed, so fans urbexu should consider it as the fastest exploration.
The main entrance
Outside photo of an abandoned Palace. The hotel is fantastic, if someone loves old mansions and palaces and is actively working as a conductor. Many pronounced a sign of relief, and in the middle of the glass ceiling " - highly recommended to fans of Urban Exploration.
The photograph is of an abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach, or rather, the most characteristic was his room - a patio with a piano. Glass roof dorobiono here recently.
And scattered piano notes
Another photo which shows an old wrecked piano inside this abandoned Palace, situated in the łódź Voivodeship, and more specifically in the village of Bratoszewice. An additional element visually, they scattered the cards with the notes.
The glass ceiling
The "glass ceiling", which is also visible in the photo, was completed only in the second half of the XX century, i.e. much later than the abandoned Palace in Bratoszewicach in the region and the surrounding area. Everything fits perfectly and has an amazing climate, the hotel recommend to anyone who loves Urban Exploration.
Interior with piano
Interior of an abandoned Palace in Bartoszewicach. Very typical of this old institution, a piano, and scattered pages of notes. Another very famous element is completed only in 1974 the glass roof.
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User image Rubi
2 September 2016, 14:52
Miejsce jest fantastyczne - na prawdę szkoda, że ciągle niszczeje i że próba dostania się do środka jest raczej dla odważnych :D
User image Karol
16 November 2016, 17:36
Pojechaliśmy ze znajomymi w ubiegłym tygodniu i niestety nie udało nam się wejść. Opuszczony pałac w Bratoszewicach, przynajmniej z mojej perspektywy, nie ma żadnego otwartego wejścia, a i cały czas ktoś się przy nim kręci.
User image Miłośnicy Historii
Miłośnicy Historii
9 December 2016, 00:30
Przepiękny obiekt. Lubię zwiedzać takie perełki od wnętrza, ale niestety nie zawsze się da. Gdybyś trafił w zachodniopomorskie to polecam pałac w miejscowości Stolec. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFfssTg4RFg
User image R@zer
23 September 2017, 07:53
Niestety potomkowie odzyskali ten zamek ale po niedawnej wizycie w tym zamku nic się tam nie dzieje zamek wciąż niszczeje
User image R@zer
23 September 2017, 07:55
Da się wejść do tego zamku bez problemu ja wchodziłem przez okno pozdrawiam miłośników urbexu

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