Mazowieckie - Abandoned factories fototechniczne 'F': information, history, photos.

Abandoned factories fototechniczne 'F': History, information.

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Opuszczone zakłady Foton w Warszawie, zdjęcie z 1977 roku.
Abandoned factories Photon in Warsaw, photographs from 1977.

Abandoned factories fototechniczne Foton was founded in 1888 by Peter Lebiedziński, and his work was continued by the brothers Franaszkowie. During the SECOND world war it was producing securities with a watermark on the needs of the Polish resistance movement.

The origins of the abandoned Photon date back to 1888, when Peter Lebiedziński (Russian engineer, entrepreneur and inventor, who lived in 1860 - 1934) began to produce photosensitive materials. Two years after his death (1936), based on its technology, the brothers George and Casimir Franaszkowie (ran a factory of valuable non-ferrous and upholstery) built a branch of their company that focused on making paper and mucous material. Thus arose, as seen in the pictures the abandoned building of the Photon.

Interestingly, during the SECOND world war and the German occupation, the plant had still not passed into the hands of Hitler. Here there were at least documents for the resistance. Unfortunately, in 1943, he died one of the brothers, Yuri, and, a year later, the SS killed Casimir with his family, and all employees of a Photon (this was the so-called slaughterhouse for This). As it happened in Poland, and here the Germans took all the machines and took them to the West, the building of the Photon was destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising.

When the war ended, the remains of the plant had no owner and, therefore, were nationalized. In 1949 it was restored and named "Warsaw Bids the Prepared PHOTON", that is a name that has remained until today. Factory produced membrane and reagents photographic, mainly for medical radiology. It should be noted that in the 60-ies, the Photon covers approximately 75% of domestic demand for films and mucosa.

Meanwhile, growth continued in the best. In 1969 he managed to sign a contract with a UK company (manufacture of medical x-ray films and mucous membranes for black and white photography: Amateur and professional), making it possible to increase production, modern production line, four times faster than the old one. It was launched ten years later, in 1979. Interestingly, the production capacity of the Photon has twice exceeded zapotrzenowanie all over the country, the company is increasing exports. Until 1990 it was the only supplier of x-ray films for the Polish health service.

In 90 years, these have come to Poland changes of the body, which in this, as in many other cases, have killed the domestic industry. Began more and more to cut production, but after 2000 completely changed the application of the Photon. Since 2002, Foton has taken the company Photon Trading, causing absolutely a activity in this isolated place. The company itself still operates, and in addition to various mucous membranes produces at least a laser camera or device for the manifestation of an x-ray, and devices for the manifestation of mammographic screening.

Note: Friday, 5 February 2016 at 15:30 fell the last wall of the abandoned Photon, and therefore its demolition has come to an end.


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10 December 2018, 12:41
Przypadkowo wszedłem na strony o warszawskim FOTONIE .Byłem przez wiele lat pracownikiem TEGO ZAKLADU.Wiedzialem,że będzie zlikwidowany ale zdjęcia mnie poraziły.Mam przed oczami Przełożonych,Koleżanki i Kolegów,Podwładnych.Przepraszam,nie jestem w stanie dalej pisać.

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