Mazowieckie - An abandoned gas plant 'In': information, history, photos.

An abandoned gas plant 'In': History, information.

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Gazownia na Woli: pierwsze budynki, zdjęcie archiwalne
The first building of the gas company.

In 1856, the city Council entered into an agreement with Continental Society of the gas industry from Dessau to the construction of the gas network, providing trzydziestoletni its service life. The building of the gas company appeared in the period from 1886 - 1887, is currently an abandoned gas plant.

Gazownia Wola, Warszawa: Płonący zbiornik gazowni podczas II Wojny Światowej
Burning a tank of gas companies during the SECOND World War.

Is there the gas is mainly for lighting streets, making for the first time, the light of the gas shining there on 26 December 1865, and put the 92 lights. Increasingly used gas to industrial enterprises located in the district, in turn, residents.

It soon appeared that a gas plant is not just for the whole city - a new plant was started in 1887, and then became the main enterprise serving the gas in the city. The group of buildings was two powerful, round gas collectors and a building gazometru and factories. The company employs 1200 employees, including 150 latarników. The other was to go to the city and the ignition and then extinguish the lights. These two newly built tanks that we on this page to watch the photos as abandoned.

During the SECOND World War (8 Sep 1939) artillery shell hit the tank, which was about 23 thousand cubic meters of gas. Fortunately, there was no explosion, but the gas burns, forming one large flame. The next day the plant stopped production and shut down the gas supply to the city. At the end of September occurred the destruction of the second tank, which, however, cleared on time. The fires caused by bombing destroyed a residential building and office, burned down the warehouses of coke and coal. As a result of termination of transmission of water through water mains, fire fighting staff became impossible. Was destroyed the two gas plants, and the urban network was interrupted.

During the Warsaw Uprising gas plant was isolated from the city, however, continues to be produced and shipped the gas. At the plant the shelter there were many people fleeing from the Nazis. 8 August in the territory of the gas squad arrived SS addicts. The Germans announced that within 20 minutes everyone must leave this place. Fortunately, the detachment was withdrawn in another promotion. September 22 came another order about the shutdown. The Germans dismantled and removed the equipment. Part of the equipment (in particular libraries) managed to hide. Rate zaminowano, but, fortunately, the charges were not exploded. After his release in the Central boiler room was found a box for 18 minutes. During the search, the bomb squad found 17 of them. Osiemnasta art was never found, maybe it was not. To this day it remains a mystery.

January 18, 1945, the former employees started the restoration after war damage, and in June already turned on the gas in the city network. The gas plant began studied post-war products as one of the first bets. Back in the fifties, the gas produced here was obtained solely from carbon. In the next decade pushed him in the end, natural gas wysokometanowy, which was much cheaper. An abandoned gas plant , and today remains the ruins and after pamiatką old times.

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Photos of abandoned place.

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User image Marek W.
Marek W.
12 April 2016, 17:33
Wielka szkoda, że wciąż nie udało się nic zrobić z tą gazownią i ciągle niszczeje.
User image Mir
5 May 2016, 14:00
Jeżdżę przy tych gazowniach codziennie do pracy, co raz ktoś tam chodzi, a gazowni coraz mniej. Władze powinny coś z tym zrobić, zabezpieczyć to jakoś.
User image Remi
24 May 2016, 16:59
Bardzo fajne zdjęcia, jest klimat.
User image Neo Stan
Neo Stan
18 July 2016, 18:08
Byłem tu na geocache'ingu, fantastyczna opuszczone miejscówka i świetny klimat, serdecznie polecam do zdjęć!
User image Wons
2 September 2016, 14:56
Marne szanse, żeby kiedyś tym opuszczonym gazowniom przywrócić świetność, chociażby jako apartamentowce - tyle razy próbowano.
User image edward5445
15 June 2019, 19:42
Hello I am planning on visiting Poland and this site has quite a bit of information on it but i can't seem to locate a more exact coordinate or information to where the places are at, would you happen to have a map with these locations mapped?

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