Opolskie - Abandoned factory knitting-used EUROPEAN: information, history, photos.

Abandoned factory knitting-used EUROPEAN: History, information.

Localization: Opole Voivodeship, Poland.
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Opuszczone zakłady dziewiarskie Unia: zdjęcie archiwalne, stara siedziba
Abandoned factories knitting European: photo archive, the old headquarters in Głuszycach

New rates of EUROPEAN (now omitted - it is seen in the photos) was built in 1970 and they worked only 20 years, however, the history of the European Union starts much earlier, because already in 1856.

In the SECOND half of the XIX century, managed after many years to complete the connection train between Głubczycami and nineteenth centuries, Krnowem and Racławicami Beskid. This allowed the small village to further development and new investments. In Głubczycach built several plants (such as, for example, this is the largest: Weberbauera that operates today), a few sawmills, flour mills (steam), słodownie, huta glass and that we are most interested in, factory wool.

They belonged to two Jews: Holländra and Teichmanna, which was very commercial przemysłowcami. They built it in 1856. In those days, these plants employ several thousand people, and they sell their products worldwide. These businesses developed after the SECOND world war in the described Betting Industry Dziewiarskiego "European", although like those, which we call the old rates. It is known that shortly before the war the rates were still private property and the owner was Valentine Stanulla.

In 1970, the plant management decided to build a new factory and to move production: thus, a new Industrial Enterprises Dziewiarskiego "Union" in the Dash, and it is precisely those rates that we can see on the presented pictures. Hard to say what was the cause of the fall of the plant, little information about their history from that period. Are you sure that was only 20 years and was closed around 1990. Since then omitted.

One of the interesting facts I should add that at the plant since 1961, worked Voluntary Fire Protection, originally as a SUV-Defense unit. It consisted of teams, male and female, were engaged mainly in security the same plant, but also the neighboring miejscowościom. Due to the presence of the machine, with a tank, often the unit was also dispatched to distant fires. It is very extensive chronicle can be found here.

The year of 1977 – the women's team pożarnicza Voluntary and Plant Fire Bets Knitting the UNION representing Poland won the silver medal at the VI International competition of the CTIF Fire in Trento (Italy)

The building has been abandoned for many years but still had in him some equipment. It is impossible not to draw attention to beautiful green that nature, reflected on the walls and floors of these abandoned factories.

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User image MalyOrl
2 September 2016, 16:23
Świetne fotografie, a te z zielenią na podłodze i na ścianach - czad!
User image Marli
16 November 2016, 17:41
Rzeczywiście ta zieleń i żółć powala - rzadko się takie fantazyjne wzory widuje w opuszczonych miejscach.
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