Mazowieckie - Abandoned brick factory 'G': information, history, photos.

Abandoned brick factory 'G': History, information.

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Opuszczona cegielnia Gołków
Abandoned brick factory outside

Abandoned brick factory in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (Mazovia in Poland. The first traces of a brick factory can be found on the military map of 1825. At this time, the entire surrounding property belonged to the family Danglów. According to numerous sources, the company contributed from the expansion of the capital.

Indicates many sources (including Wikipedia) that the first traces of this building is currently abandoned kiln of brick located on the map of 1839. However, this is not true, as in the notebook, issued by the Museum and the Organization of Promotions and Information of the Municipality is the military map of 1825, on which the brick factory was chosen. During this period, all property of the village and its surroundings belonged to the family Danglów.

In 1863 broke out on the territory of the Russian characters and the Kingdom of the Polish uprising broke out. Skutniem this was uwłaszenie lands to peasants, which freed them from serfdom. They started in droves to enroll in large cities, mostly in Warsaw. However, has increased the demand for new apartments, and, consequently, the heyday of the brick factory. At that time, was the owner of the estates was Michael Wessel, and in 1864 his wife Rachel with Karęgów Wessel. In 1872 the estate was bought by Gustav Bauerfeind and belonged to his family before the SECOND world war.

Problem was the transport. The road network was poorly developed, there were no railroads, water transport, he will work in the winter because of ice and in summer due to low water level in the rivers. In the 90s, ies of the XIX century began to develop a network of queues approach, and in 1900, however, also a branch of the narrow gauge railway to the brick factory (part of the sources indicates, 1901).

Before the first world war the brick factory were, among others: a steam engine of one hundred horsepower steam boiler, 80 square meters, two large and one small newspaper, two pairs of rolls, two pumps, steam, 9 500 part for drying tiles and fur, and the funds you received. In 1935 it was possible to find in the "Overview Construction" ads brick factory. We learn from it that the management of the brick factory is located in the Alley of Jerusalem 75 in Warsaw (building no longer exists).

After the war, factories were nationalized, and its last private owners were Jacob Mosenkis and Itzik Hufnadel. It was one of the few brick plants, which survived until 1991. Now this place is abandoned, and the chimney of a brick factory serves as a mast for mobile communications.

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