Mazowieckie - Abandoned power station in płock: information, history, photos.

Abandoned power station in płock: History, information.

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Elektrownia Miejska w Płocku. Zdjęcie archiwalne.
The building of the City power Plant in Radziwiu, płock. Around 1929.
Fig. N. N., collection Centre the MAP.

An abandoned plant city Radziwiu began to be built in 1927, and the first energy was obtained a year later. About the location decided, mainly water and coal (the nearby slopes and low shore). The official opening of the plant radziwskiej took place on 1 September 1929, and its power was 960 kW. In the interwar period there had been some upgrades that have increased the capacity of the power plant, so that in 1938 it was the largest factory of electricity in Mazovia.

Wnętrze opuszczonej elektrowni w Płocku. Zdjęcie archiwalne.
The interior of the power plants. Source: Radziwie, what do not remember.

The construction of a disused power station in Radziwiu was launched in October of 1927, which met with very strong support from the local press. The following year was made a part zakądów, which released first in the energy for the city. Many people wondered why the city power plant being built in Radziwiu: to speak for the possibility of fast water (low Bank of the Vistula) and coal for power plants that could be bundled with the nearby train station. Coal was delivered by rail to the station the train STATION, which was transported by narrow-gauge railway. Water on the side Radziwia was easier because there was no need to build a special station pumps for pumping water, high, płocki shore.

Officially the plant was opened on 1 September 1929 and at the beginning it is connected to 3,400 homes. The center is equipped with two boilers (so-called opłomkowe) manufactured by G. Tsegelsky, also installed two generators (480 kW each) Corporation bi-BI-si. From the West side put crane for unloading coal, and the building stood a chimney with a height of 55 meters. To begin the supply of electricity, also restored the transformer substation, the entire supply line from the city, as well as the grid lighting and low voltage network. It was one of the few built in those days in the territory of the II Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth new power plants.

Here is a small snippet of the act, the company staff in 1929:

Opuszczona elektrownia w Płocku podczas powodzi na Radziwiu
Power station during the floods in Radziwiu in February 1982. Source: Radziwie, what do not remember.

"The management and staff of the municipal power station in Radziwiu in the fall of 1929 was created : Starzinski Y. (Director) . ing. Yu Cybulski, F. Hakowska (chief accountant), and, as a result of the gap, Inc.Białkowski, J. Bielecki (of worms. motion), J. Błoński, B. Boguslavsky, hell Incl.Busse, K. Chęcińska, K. Dolecki, B. Dudziński, F. Ferszt, V. Garwacki, J. Grażulewicz, J. Hron, P. grudziński, Hejne, J. Jasinski, K. Jędrzejak, M. Kępczyński, Soratos, R. and F. Kuczkowscy, Miaśkiewicz, J. Rybińska, ing. H. Szenwitz, J. Ukryn, J. Wierzchowska.”

Eight years after opening, due to the Connection of Electrification Międzykomunalnej Warsaw Voivodeship (ZEMWAR) managed zmodernizwać boilers, so that the capacity of the plant increased to 1040 kW to 2000 kW. A year later (1938) moved to płock main office ZEMWAR " (previously located in Lowicz), as the plant in Radziwiu became the biggest in Mazovia. The following year was added a new boiler, increasing the power up to 2400 kW. Interestingly, during the SECOND world war and the Nazi occupation, the Germans used the plans of Polish engineers and based on them rozbudowali power station, increasing its capacity nearly doubled, to 4.3 MW.

After the war, the plant began its work, however, in 1954 he launched a new station elektroenergetyczną on Podolszycach (one of the neighborhoods in płock). Since then, the plant in Radziwiu lost relevance and is becoming increasingly neglected is the production of electricity became too expensive compared to the possibilities of new technologies. After the closure of the plant in 1960, people have lost their jobs, started to produce elements of concrete construction for the energy industry.

In 2002 the building was sold. It is not known what were the plans of the private investor, however, most likely, none of them failed. Currently it is an abandoned place, and on the outer wall is information about the possibility of selling the building.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Quite an interesting shot of an empty room with a ladder. Color scheme and light, led to the fact that the photograph has acquired a specific climate. Photo taken in an abandoned power plant in płock.
One of the wooden doors in the abandoned power plant. They look a bit like an old door in a stairwell in Warsaw :-)
The stairs to the second floor of an abandoned power plant, which is a conductor, that is me :-) the Place is very climatic and worth it to go here for some photos, if may not be evident - the object is protected.
The conductor in the hall
An abandoned power plant in płock Radziwie in the area. The photo conductor in the main hall, in which, most likely, were the boilers.
Power outside
On the photo an abandoned power plant in płock, namely, near Radziwie. The building, built from characteristic red brick. The photo was taken from the nearby train tracks, we see here also the 55-metre high chimney stack of the power plant.
Production room on the floor
Production hall of an abandoned power plant in płock Radziwie district. The room is located on the first floor, and is to him a wide, żeliwnymi the stairs. Probably, there were big pots.
Helmets for the workers
Helmets workers left here, most likely, after the repair of a broken abandoned power plant in płock. I should add that the building is currently in private hands and, judging by the stuff left, even she was taken by a rather unsuccessful attempt at repair.
Staircase of an abandoned power plant in Radziwiu in płock. On the left the entrance to the basin, and on the right one of the office space.
Window frames in the room
One of the premises of an abandoned power plant in płock. The building is mostly empty, in extreme cases, as here, we can find in the different rooms, the equipment and residues after attempted repair. The building was purchased by a private individual, but for a long time, nothing here - the place is abandoned.
Equipment repairs
For photos of abandoned places left items which indicate that a private owner, most likely, he planned to renovate purchased from the płock object. But unfortunately, as time has shown, nothing ever came of it - the object for sale.
like that in this desolate place, most likely, there were attempts to repair it is clear that some items had been. In this room of the power plant in płock we see the prison, and a piece of wood.
An abandoned power plant in płock, which was built between 1927 and 1928 years. In the photo the entrance of the bathroom.
Closed entrance door
One of the premises of an abandoned power plant in Radziwiu (Yaroslavl). The building itself was built in 1928 and for over a decade is in private hands. Unfortunately, the new owner does nothing and tries to sell it.
Destroyed corridor
One of the corridors of the abandoned power plant. As can be seen from the buildings, and, of course, his past activities, little remains.
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