Podlaskie - Abandoned milk factory 'the Falcon': information, history, photos.

Abandoned milk factory 'the Falcon': History, information.

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Opuszczona mleczarnia w Sokółce
Abandoned shops dairy plant

Abandoned dairy plant, which was never finished. Victim of communism, of the system. the strange interests of the local authorities. The factory was almost completed, and then at some point someone decided that, however, is not profitable and built another.

The construction of this abandoned complex of dairy industry was started in the second half of the 80-ies and was completed in the district in 1989, when Poland was undergoing great changes of the body. They served as the main reason for the falling rates, but just a little more to look at the case, and there will be second bottom. But the fact is that since the plant is abandoned.

First of all, it should be noted that the milk factory was built almost full (some sources report that she'd been standing there for most of the cars), and she was almost ready to start production. At the same time changes the body, falls to communism, and the city comes to regime change. The construction will be stopped immediately.

You may think that it just happens. The new leadership does not want to have dairy or choose not to make a profit. But at the same time is the construction of a second dairy factory, which still functions today. Why start a new one when number of cities is almost ready to work with some of the equipment shop? Especially that the area of the old dairy refers to this new. After so many years it is very difficult to answer this question.

It is known that the production in this complex never went, and for its construction, to the wind we threw taxpayers. Buildings come in even greater disrepair, no guards, the whole place is abandoned, and the study does not cause any problems. The plans, apparently, is the destruction of all abandoned buildings dairy plant, the division of land into smaller parcels and selling them to developers for residential homes.

As for the complex can be found here among other elektrociepłownię (with space on the conveyor for trays, turbines and furnaces), office building, garages, car service, chimney and of course, basic rooms with a fantastic view from the roof of the nearby countryside.

NOTE: if you Attempt to log on the roof is very niebezpiecznia, it is possible to fall from a very great height, so I recommend only experienced eksploratorom.

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User image Alex
25 April 2017, 21:01
what is the actual address of this place? Im doing a trip through Poland to shoot abandoned places, and this one seems of interest.

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