Dolnośląskie - Abandoned factories lniarskie 'l': information, history, photos.

Abandoned factories lniarskie 'l': History, information.

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Zakłady lniarskie Oldrzychowice Kłodzkie: zdjęcie archiwalne
Abandoned factories lniarskie once

First in Prussia native of żyrardów cotton. Was founded in 1822, built the wrocław merchant Hermann Dietrich Lindheima and these employ about 900 people. Currently, rates are neglected.

In 1822 one of the wrocław merchants named Hermann Dietrich Lindheim decided to create the first in Prussia, and przędzalnię cotton. The machine, which had more than 9,000 spindles, has decided to enter into the movement of the steam power - led water special channel from the river, which served him also for installation of heating in the building. After some time Herman decided to build the plant (built, incidentally, a business or a residential building for workers) that joining zakładznie more than 900 people. Due to the rate of the village where the factory was, started to experience flourishing economy. They say that this plant was built the first steam locomotive, steam bath in Silesia.

After the war, the factories were nationalized and named the enterprises of the Industry of Flax "Lech". I should add that in 1946-1947 was created under the patronage of the factory sports club ZKS "Leh" Ołdrzychowice. Unfortunately, underfunding and a lack of new technology caused in subsequent years, the slow collapse of the plant (still worked here even on hardware from the mid-nineteenth century). Eventually in the 90-ies of XX century in the course of economic transformation, the plant was closed and work lost a lot of people from a neighboring village. At present the place is abandoned.

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