Mazowieckie - Abandoned chemical factory 'ChX': information, history, photos.

Abandoned chemical factory 'ChX': History, information.

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Opuszczone zakłady Chemitex, Sochaczew: budowa manufaktury
The building of an abandoned factory

Built in 1928, abandoned factories manufacturing artificial fibres. Before the war it produced 1740 tonnes of yarn wiskozowej a day, reaching 40% profit on each kilogramie product. In 1976, the rate amounted to 1/3 the manufacture of artificial fibers across the country.

In 1926, engineer Joseph", in collaboration with the government, bought of Joseph Cramp 92 hectares of land (about 23 $ 500). Was this for a French company, which was going to build on these lands the plant, creating artificial fiber. Construction work began in 1927, and at the end of next year was launched here in the first production line. Initially worked here for 300 people but very quickly was detained by new workers. In 1933, worked on 1 000 people, and shortly before the SECOND world war up 2 to 145 people.

The first expansion of the factory, had already begun a few years after its opening, in 1931. Built a new Department, which owned 1 400 jobs.

At the start produced one ton of yarn wiskozowej during the day, in the future it was planned the figure to increase to three. However, thanks to the new technologies imported from France in 1938 managed wyprodukowań niebotyczną quantity 1 740 tons per day.

Opuszczone zakłady Chemitex w Sochaczewie: wnętrze w latach przedwojennych
The interior of the establishments in the prewar

Thanks to the technology at each kilogramie managed to achieve a 40% profit. In the mid 30-ies, these bets build a power plant (capacity of 9.5 MW), also built a building server housing and social.

After the outbreak of the SECOND world war during the Battle over Bzurą to work here field hospital for Polish soldiers. The Germans had established on the plant the Board and resumed production, but the lack of overhaul led manufacturer in ruins. In late 1944, the invaders began looting and brought the machine into the depths of their country. Manufaktura was devastated.

Opuszczone zakłady Chemitex, Sochaczew: polska kawaleria w pobliżu manufaktury, 1939 rok
Polish cavalry, near the manufactory, 1939

After the war the plant was nationalized. In November 1945 managed to resume production of viscose fiber. In 1947, again produced about 1 700 tonnes of yarn per day, and the number of employees amounted to more than 2 400 people. Completed railway branch line and expanded boiler room. After 1960 was completed rates in the new room, more expanded boiler, built two pipes (80 m each) and modernized warehouses. In 1974 introduced a new system odsiarczajacy, so that its concentration was reduced by more than a hundred times. Two years later, the production was already 7 771 tonnes of yarn a day, which began to be exported to countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Iran or Burma. The manufactory produced then 1/3 of domestic production of all chemical fibers.

The opening of the market on food imports, technological progress and the tightening of rules related to the protection of the environment is slowly destroyed the plants, which in 1999 declared bankruptcy. Since then, this place was abandoned.

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20 December 2016, 21:11
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Stronka fajna, jedynym, chyba, jej defektem jest brak lokalizacji miejsc.

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