Mazowieckie - Abandoned factories industry pończoszniczego Stella: information, history, photos.

Abandoned factories industry pończoszniczego Stella: History, information.

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Opuszczona pończoszarnia Stella, Żyrardów: zdjęcie archiwalne
Pończoszarnia abandoned since its heyday.

Built in 1870, and then systematically expanding in the 1890-1910 years, after which he became one of the largest pończoszarni in the Russian Empire. Its current name "Stella" was only after 1967. Currently pończoszarnia he abandoned.

Opuszczona pończoszarnia Stella, Żyrardów: wycinek ze starej gazety
A clipping from an old newspaper with a picture of the old factory.

Main building (now abandoned) pończoszarni was built in 1870 as a new branch żyrardowskich rates lniarskich through Dittrich'e and Hielle. Bets were made on the letter U. Hall arose in connection with the increase of urban enterprises and the growing financial capacity of the times of capitalism and have been integrated financially and technologically with the surrounding przędzalnią cotton. She was also one of the branches of the group are the Factory of Linen Products.

Developed in 1890 further expanded over the next 20 years (until 1910) in the early twentieth century became one of the largest plants in the entire Russian Empire. In those days worked more than 1,600 people.

In those days it was a bustling industrial plant and the conditions of living of workers was better than in conventional factories in Poland. Below you can read an excerpt from the rules of operation of enterprises, which allows to partially imagine then the realities of work:

Period PNR have

After the war, because in 1945, was resumed at the plant production. City the factory was nationalized and renamed the State Textile Factory. As a result of numerous transformations and przebudowań allocated to the Enterprises of the Cotton Industry, Enterprises of the textile Industry, the Industry Pończoszniczego (that is, that the plant here), Enterprises in the Garment Industry, and Factories of Technical Fabrics. In 1967 (as a result rozpisanego among the employees of the competition) the bet is called "Stella." In those days, was-a business card of the whole city, and then here is the tights and stockings were long queues in shops.

The last decade of the XX century and the beginning of XXI

In those times condition and liquidity financial betting lniarskich significantly deteriorated, which ultimately led to the collapse of the entire textile industry in the city. first is building the Enterprise of the textile Industry. In its place there Bets Lniarskie S. A., which from the beginning encounter financial difficulties, and a few years later (in 1997) is also falling. Buys them Jerzy polkowski, pseudonym, however, the rate very quickly declares bankrupt and is liquidated, resulting in lost jobs more than 300 people. At the same time falls to the garment industry, the Central laboratory of the Linen Industry (2002), in the end, and two years later (2004), described here fall rate of industry pończoszniczego "Stella". Currently, the factory is closed - bought by his company Green Development, which was to build containing industrial lofts, but so far, nothing ever came of it.

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