Dolnośląskie - The abandoned Dorm at the Crossroads Izerskim: information, history, photos.

The abandoned Dorm at the Crossroads Izerskim: History, information.

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Opuszczone schronisko w 1974 roku
The abandoned Dorm in 1974.

The junction of the Jizera mountains is a mountain pass located at an altitude of about 767 m. a. s. m. separating the two hills: High Ridge, and Ridge Kamenetz. Since 1888 she was here to rent horses for riding and station porters lektyk. It was then a very popular holiday in the mountains, unfortunately, today less and less common. Currently, the Dorm is abandoned.

Opuszczone schronisko na Rozdrożu Izerskim: pocztówka z końca XIX wieku
Postcard from a shelter, end of XIX century

Since 1888 she was here to rent horses for riding and station porters lektyk. In 1912, after a fire in old Buda, that was built beautiful dorms with the name Ludwigsbaude. Characteristic of the Sudetenland, zrębowa design wooden wall harmonizowała with a gable roof. The building was then offered to travelers twenty beds.

During the SECOND world war, near the nursery there was a labour camp. Some say that the Labor Service of the Reich, and the other, Hitler Jugend. Apparently, in the nearby woods you can still find entrances to the underground fortifications.

After the war the orphanage was seized by the Russian Travel Agency "Orbis". In 1950 there was established the sanatorium for children at risk of tuberculosis. The hospice visited the patients before 1980, when the building was acquired by the forestry Szklarska poręba, which is organized unforgettable in this hostel for loggers. At the same time, after some time, this was the home of the organization of camps of rest.

Currently it is an abandoned buildingthat is more and more destroyed.

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5 May 2016, 14:01
Bardzo ciekawe miejsce, czy masz może więcej zdjęć?
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26 December 2016, 18:24
Niestety, obiekt już nie istnieje:(

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