Małopolskie - Abandoned rest house 'G': information, history, photos.

Abandoned rest house 'G': History, information.

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Opuszczony dom wczasowy Górnik, Zawoja: Czasy funkcjonowania
The holiday house during the operation

Abandoned rest house was in the 70's Hughes of the XX century. There were more than 200 persons, had a rope tow, along with a school, garden, gym, pool, sauna, Solarium, a hall for weddings and more.

Abandoned rest house was built in the early 70-ies of XX century and belonged to the Coal Mine "Wesoła" (until recently called Lenin). The building was located on the territory of 2.9 ha, right at the foot of the Mountain. He had over 200 persons, apartments, rooms single, double, triple and quadruple.

The visitors had many attractions: ski lifts (1 100 meters) together with a ski school, gym, tennis court, swimming pool, sauna, climbing wall, two large playgrounds, Solarium, conference Banquet, platforms for game in volleyball and basketball, Billiards room, massage, nurse, games room, two dining rooms, and halls, teaching.

Privatized in 1994. Since the beginning of the XXI century gradually fell into decay. Now this place is abandoned.

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Photos of abandoned place.

This abandoned resort in those years, indeed, has been very well maintained and rich. This is evidenced by at least a large pool with a distinctive Dolphin, inscribed in a circle at the bottom is located behind the building.
Genuine, coffee shop and swimming pool
The photo pool with the sign of the Dolphin on the bottom, the building with rooms and a cafe. Not so long ago the resort was abandoned.
Residential house
This is the main building of an abandoned house stay a miner in the town of Zawoja. Here you can see a very distinctive gable roof for mountain territories. Starts right restaurant.
The entertaining part
The corridor of the entertainment component of this haunted place. At the time of operation of the facility was here minutes. Solarium, games room, gym, massage room, nurse's room, a billiard room and many other attractions. The person belongs abandoned vacation homes in górniej town of Nowy Targ.
Chair with a view
One of the premises of the recreation center miner Zawoja. In this derelict place is still a lot of various items, hence, the attractiveness of the object is high. Through the window we see a residential area with an external terrace.
Abandoned cafe rest home " miner in the town of Zawoja. You should pay attention to a specific second external layer of glass, which are reflecting light orange. The cafe-restaurant offered everything that I associate with festive food - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, casseroles, French fries and ice cream.
Staircase of an abandoned resort, a miner in the town of Zawoja. We can see the remains of the fire suppression system. She colors in the interior of the building is very characteristic for Poland in the days of the NDP.
The corridor that connects the stairwell of the clubhouse with a residential building and a staircase. Interesting use of wood with green glass. It's part of an abandoned vacation spot called miner, located in Zawoja.
The corridor between the rooms
The corridor between the rooms. Very interesting colors of the walls, creating amazing effects that I managed to capture. The face belongs to an abandoned rest home miner in the town of Zawoja.
One of the rooms in the recreation center. Very interesting color of the walls, which created an amazing atmosphere of the photo. Rooms in the Grand are empty - here stood shelves, curtains, hangers and lamps.
Before dining
One of the areas, something like a reception, hosted right in the dining room. Sofa, is likely to have been brought in from somewhere else, because it does not fit here. In addition, it left things suggests that someone after some time to sleep in it.
The administrator of an abandoned house stay a miner. To the right of the main entrance. It is worth to pay attention on the mosaic 'image' on the wall that are incredibly remind me of Barcelona.
Wedding hall
Abandoned boarding house miner Zawoja is not only a place to sleep, or even many services like massages,electronic, sauna, Billiards, tennis, pool, etc. It is also an opportunity here for the wedding, in the beautiful ballroom. Yes, of course, it might sound advertisement this object once, because now, of course, the place is deserted. After this photo you can see the transformation of the wedding halls in the last few years - then the colors of yellow, green and orange were on the agenda.
The entrance to the cafe
Well.. After this photo clearly shows what time and for what people it was built abandoned house holiday miner :-) Red star says it's stupid. Maybe someone knows Russian language and could translate for me this text? Please write in the comments.
The main entrance
The main entrance (and also an emergency exit) in a rest home. On the Board on the right appears COPY. Miner, address and two cell phones. Unfortunately, they had already, rather, not answer : -), Abandoned things can indicate attempts to separate the shelves of the center.
The interior of the cafe / restaurant
Beautiful café-restaurant of an abandoned house stay a miner in the town of Zawoja. A fantastic decoration indicates the richness of the whole place. In the center of the room remains in the shoulder.
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