Lubelskie - Abandoned locomotive 'D': information, history, photos.

Abandoned locomotive 'D': History, information.

Localization: Lublin Voivodeship, Poland.
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Parowozownia Dęblin: obsługa parowozu, 1957 rok
Support in Ukraine (two operators and an assistant) - photo from 1957. Source:

The terrain is the abandoned locomotive depot, it is an important railway junction between Warsaw and Lublin. The building was built in the period 1943 - 1944, ceased to be used in 1998.

Parowozownia Dęblin: kurs maszynisty, zdjęcie archiwalne
The course of the driver on the steam train - photo from 1956. The participants were fifty people, including ten described here depot. Source:

The city, which had abandoned the object that received rail service in 1877, when he completed the so-called "railroad Przywiślańska". The city was embodied to the confiscation of Russian and called them Iwanogród. It was an important railway junction between Warsaw and Lublin, but the city in its heyday, of course, already behind. On previous use resembles the size of the train station and still remained mostly unused abandoned rail facilities.

One of them is built next to a small freight station and descended popadająca useless big wachlarzowa in the form of a wheel, lokomotywownia. Despite the fact that everything else looks solid enough, more and more falling apart. Her fate, however, it is, rather, decided - probably will soon disappear from the face of the earth, dividing the fate of many such, now-defunct railway facilities. Lokomotywownia was established nearly seventy years after here ways (1943 - 1944), and the heyday of this railway junction came in the second half of the twentieth century.

Here are the photos supplied by Eduard Senkevich, who for over forty years he worked in the locomotive depot. As he describes his story and the attached photos:

On the train I went for about 5 years. Later I travelled by train to driving passenger trains, such as OL49-33, OL49-39. I was directed to the training of locomotive driver until then.

After the said training and subsequent practice on elektrowozie, Mr. Senkevich went to the capital the theoretical rate of the electric locomotive, on which he rode to the elektrowozie until retirement in 1992. The locomotive depot was closed six years later (1998), and the adjacent office building, sometime in 2009. Since then, this abandoned object, and is destroyed and collapses.

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