UK - The Craigmore Viaduct: information, history, photos.

The Craigmore Viaduct: History, information.

Localization: UK.
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Wiadukt Craigmore na pocztówce, 1905 rok
Viaduct in 1905 on the card

Irish Tarbhealach Craig Moore, there is a big passage through the stone. Locally called 18 arches. It was built in 1852 a railway crossing in Northern Ireland, which is the highest bridge on the island of Ireland.

This bridge was designed by John Benjamin MacNeill, an eminent Irish engineer. Its construction began in 1849 and was part of a rail connection between Dublin and Belfastem. Its creation lasted three years, and formally viaduct was opened in 1852. Passes through the valley of the Camlough river. The bridge consists of 18 arches with a span of 18 meters each, and the highest of them with a height of over 38 meters, making Craigmore the highest bridge in Ireland. Long, more than a quarter of a mile, and it was built from granite stone blocks from the nearby Goraghwood quarry.

The second of March 1989, the Craigmore viaduct was struck by a bomb, a Provisional Irish Republican Army, uszkodzając it. The bomb exploded just four minutes before the bridge was to drive a passenger train from Dublin, which fortunately was enough to stop him.

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