Podkarpackie - Abandoned Church 'SO': information, history, photos.

Abandoned Church 'SO': History, information.

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Opuszczona cerkiew w Starych Oleszycach: malowidła ścienne
Murals in abandoned cekrwi

Built in 1913, the Greek-Catholic abandoned Church with a bell tower and extensive graveyard. Stone, crowned by a dome. The interior is covered with fine polychromy.

A stone Greek Catholic Church of the intercession of the Mother of God was built in 1913. Near the Church we can find the original brick bell tower and extensive graveyard with many tombstones, which in the nearby shops.

Despite the fact that after the war the Church was not used for the intended purpose (1947-1989 years served as a warehouse), preserved in her rich polychrome m. facilities inside the dome. The building was placed in the list of objects that needs a quick repair, but to date has not begun any works or repair works, and all is neglected.

The Church has frescoes of the four Evangelists on the four main columns. This is: bull - Luke, the lion mark, the eagle John, Matthew. These symbols have their origin in the four living creatures referred to in the vision of Ezekiel (1,1-14), and in the apocalyptic vision of St. John (Rev. 4,6-8). Four symbolic creatures combine higher power of nature and life. Each of the three animal embodies a particular type of strength: he is in the lion she is strong, fiery and nepravishta, goitre, persistent and resistant, the eagle is reflected especially in visual acuity and in the height and speed of flight. Man, as a creature endowed with reason, is the higher powers of mind and strong, sensible will.

Currently, this abandoned Church (one of many on Podparkaciu), which gradually gets more and more useless.

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User image Noa
30 June 2017, 09:00
Hi Where is axactly the adress of the church?

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