Wielkopolskie - Abandoned Church Evangelical 'Pk': information, history, photos.

Abandoned Church Evangelical 'Pk': History, information.

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Opuszczony kościół ewangelicki w Pisarzowicach: Zdjęcie archiwalne
Archival photographs of the Church (with achiwum family Biron von Curland)

Abandoned Evangelical Church was built by Prince Gustav von Curland Birona in the years 1901-1902 by the architect Arnold Hartmana. After the war, in 1945, a detachment of militia blew up the door leading to the basement in search of the pitiful remnants of the Nazi army that thieves and vandals began to pillage and destroy the temple.

Opuszczony kościół ewangelicki w Pisarzowicach: Gustaw von Biron, fundator kościoła
Gustav von Biron, the founder of the Church

The abandoned building was constructed of red Sandstone and granite. Was designed by Arnold Hartman, a Berlin architect living in Moscow. The temple was built in 1901-1902 years, although some sources indicate that its decoration continued until 1912 (not confirmed information).

The equipment of the building consisted, among other things, klęczniki and konfesjonały of oak and pulpit studded with precious stones. The temple was made by the Prince Gustav Biron von Curland, owner of the nearby goods. The fate of this family has teamed up with the city's history, beginning in 1734, when Ernst Johann Biron (he lived in the years 1690-1782) bought them from a family Dohn.

These neglected places was originally called "Prinz Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche," which in Polish means tłumczeniu the "Church of the memory of Duke William". Legend has it that the son of Gustav - Wilhelm - he fell from his horse and died. His father, to celebrate, decided to build a Church. Another source reports that the cause of death was different: improperly performed surgery appendicitis, and others that cause of death was blood poisoning, but the exact date of death 23 Dec 1899 (aged 13 years). It's hard to say for sure which version is correct.

I should add that the abandoned temple never got another name than "Prinz Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche" received no patron Saint. We can say that the Church was from the beginning to the end only of memorial to see Gustav, William and his first wife Adele (Princess of Löwenstein-Werthein-Freudenberg, who lived in the years 1866-1890). Her story also was not happy: October 13, 1890, gives birth to second son, Karl, who immediately dies, and two days later she dies and.

Opuszczony kościół ewangelicki w Pisarzowicach: Kadr z teledysku zespołu Behemoth
Hippo in the clip recorded in the ruins of the Church

The Church for many years served the municipality ewangelickiej. Immediately after the war, because in 1945, the police Department przeczesywał the surrounding area in search of the pitiful remnants of the Nazi army. Assuming that can hide in Church basements, it was decided to blow up the doors for them. Unfortunately for the Church, since the building began to penetrate all sorts of thieves and vandals. The surrounding parishes managed to save the pews, bells and organs.

Currently, the Church is neglected, and recently collapsed main tower. The object is still, however, fascinating, and in its walls still retains the decorative cartouches herbowe owners box mark of William and Adelę.

Interesting fact: In the ruins of this abandoned Church band Behemoth recorded a video for their song "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel".

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