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Abandoned Church Evangelical 'Pk' - The left part of the Church and the vault


Short description
The Church was built by Prince Gustav von Curland Birona in the years 1901-1902 by the architect Arnold Hartmana. After the war, in 1945, a detachment of militia blew up the door leading to the basement in search of the pitiful remnants of the Nazi army that thieves and vandals began to pillage and destroy the temple. The photograph represents the left part of the Church with its vault.
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Place description Abandoned Church Evangelical 'Pk'.

Pisarzowice, greater Poland Voivodeship. History: Abandoned Evangelical Church was built by Prince Gustav von Curland Birona in 1901-1902 years.
To see the full description, history and all the photos of this abandoned place, click here: Abandoned Church Evangelical 'Pk'.

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