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Abandoned Church Evangelical 'W': History, information.

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Opuszczony kościół ewangelicki Żeliszów: zdjęcie archiwalne
Abandoned Evangelical Church once, the picture was taken between 1910 and 1925.

The author of this abandoned Evangelical Church was one of the most prominent architects of Germany, Carl Gotthard Langhans, the author of such architectural gems as the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin) or at least the Palace Hotzfeldtów (Wroclaw). The Church was built in 1797, and in 1945 it was deserted.

This Church was built in the classical style on the plan of the ellipse, in 1797. Here we must add that, despite the official version of history, which the architect of the Evangelical Church is the old town square, it is also an alternative version in which the temple was built a Grundmann. As seen in the photo of the bell tower (architect was local, Peter Gensel) was completed only 75 years later, in 1872, of Sandstone. Had the so-called "soaring helmet" (a roof in the shape of a cone) completed an Apple with a cross, the so-called Royal Apple (one of the three symbols of power monarszej, near the crown and scepter).

Opuszczony kościół ewangelicki w Żeliszowie: zdjęcie archiwalne wnętrza
Abandoned Evangelical Church: photo vintage interiors

The facade of the Church with a number of high Windows, closed bow maybe not what's inside. This effect, however, is preserved today: the exterior of this abandoned Church looks small and a little turned out to be dirty and ugly. Quite another, we find, when we enter the lavishly appointed centre of the temple. Here the first thing that catches our eyes is a huge green dome and two floors of the wall of the balcony. In this magnificence space it should be added that near the entrance was once really small Department, with whom the priests preached. Watching on, the old photos you can see that the interior was decorated in quite bright colours, and the face dekorowały sculptures, frescoes and crystal chandeliers.

The fall of the Church

After the war, in 1945, Żeliszowie (it. Giersdorf) is still living Germans. It then began to erect the Poles here, and the former invaders wysiedlano to the West. Process trał two years (until 1947), after which the Church was locked and the keys entrusted żeliszowskiemu organiście. No one knows why the building was open. The truth, however, is that it is mostly close residents brought the Church to a state in which it is now. They did not want to convert it into a Catholic Shrine and restored another Gothic Church, which was then in complete ruins. Unfortunately, in those days, the population from these territories was expecting from minute to minute will be to return the city was evacuated to Poland, and the zones will be restored to the Germans and their former owners. This is the main reason why people didn't like the monuments, it is also, unfortunately, often found on the lands included in Republic Western side.

Despite the fact that the Church has for so long been neglected and niszczała is through photographs researchers was about it. Interested in her Fund "Your Heritage", which collects funds for the restoration of the old Church Evangelical. If you want to help, feel free here.

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User image Karol
16 November 2016, 17:44
Przepiękny, niesamowity budynek! Jak to dobrze, ze ktoś się nim zajął. Wielka też szkoda, że nie było to państwo, ale na szczęście ludzie sobie jakoś sami poradzili.
User image Rondel
16 December 2016, 12:34
Przepiękne zdjęcia robi wrażenie - aż szkoda, że tak to wszystko zaniedbano. Wow!
User image zocha
3 April 2017, 13:10
czasy byly jakkie byly w latach 70-80 mieszkancy stwierdzili , ze im wszystko jest potrzebne z tego koscioła i po cichu razem z owczesnymi władzami brali co popadnie od tak zeby brac

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