Mazowieckie - Cemetery car K. Warsaw: information, history, photos.

Cemetery car K. Warsaw: History, information.

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Opuszczone cmentarzysko samochodów Warszawa: Opel rekord coupe
Relord Opel coupe - one of the cars that you can find on this abandoned cemetery car K. of Warsaw.

About this abandoned graveyard of cars in the Warsaw area, little is known. A little bit of information, multiple sources, no doubt. Immediately I also write that because of the "rich" for złomiarzy collection I'm not going to give anyone information, where are these abandoned places. And you need me to forgive.

Well, as I wrote above, very little is known about this abandoned graveyard of cars. Let's start with the first source that I came across. For one, it was a former police car Park, where deponowano car recovered from theft. The police had no thinking to do, as owners received compensation from insurance, and for insurance companies it only turns the head." But I find it hard to believe in this service version, because the police is "accounting" several rules that have already probably realized zarekwirowanych and abandoned cars also somehow describe, especially on a purely police territory. Because of this, I more to version other similar.

Opuszczone samochody Warszawa: Garbus
The hunchback is one of the cars that you can meet in this desolate place.

She said that the owner of the area cooperated with the police, giving them their space. When it became clear that no, that these lowered cars, he was able to take the vehicle for yourself. Then "tried to do something, to sell in whole and part, but these wrecks have already been in such a state that did not suit anywhere". Was completely abandoned and decaying until today. The same source also adds that very often, when there is, the neighbors call the police. It's hard for me to confirm or deny, as a rule, I try to no one will see me. Neighbors, however, as I have heard and seen.

The fact is, of course, the fact that this abandoned facility costs several hundred cars of all kinds: but, basically, the model of foreign - Italian, French and a little German and English. Everywhere the rot is too old, the list car. It all rots and zarasta. Some of the cars have to stand here very long - some literally "punch" the young trees.

The third source gives another version. She says that someone składował here once all these cars, with a view to their repair and re-sale. This version, in my opinion, doesn't add up and I don't want to believe it - why buy a hundred broken wrecks and none of them correct? Were supposed to be here, they are stored for many years. Probably a much better idea would be to buy a maximum of a few, repairing, selling, and buying subsequent. In addition to the fact that the land did not have adequate infrastructure to repair these abandoned cars - only a small hut, probably the former security guard.

I managed in one comments on a specific page to find information which looks at a certain, because the man has authored impersonating one of the neighbors of this area abandoned cemetery of cars. He writes that the owner once in a while appears on the site. That a few years ago said that will not sell these machines, however, approximately two years changed his mind. Apparently, once in a while eating a container on the metal and cuts all "hit and miss", and then sells it to a metallurgical factory. I read there that it was neither a collector or a lover. Specifies your email address, claiming that he has contact the owner and if someone wants to save some cars, then it can write. For this reason I decided that email address to share: Maybe someone will save one of these neglected pearls of the automobile that they wish.

PS. An interesting fact. I found him the text, which, unfortunately, did not quote, because right wskazałby low locality in which it is these old abandoned graveyard of cars. From this it follows, however, that at the next clearing held showdown mafia: podziurawiono here a Kalashnikov some luxury car with the two bandits in the middle, and all this he found some unemployed. Finds sorry.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Car in the woods
This, to my knowledge, the largest abandoned cemetery of cars in Poland - at least we never met with more. In the photo of about twenty cars, and this is just a small excerpt from "the collection". Here minutes. old little fiat or Golf.
A tree growing from the car
At certain moments of the visit to the abandoned facility, you can feel some jungle, where a few decades ago was a city. Especially when we see a tree "growing" out of the car.
One of my favorite photos from this abandoned cemetery of cars. Reminds me of the jungle, long overgrown city with a lousy American yellow cab in the foreground. Of course, American taxi is not. :-)
The hunchback
This abandoned cemetery of cars you can find really a lot of old beads. One of them is, without a doubt, this "Humpback". Throughout much more various abandoned cars.
Abandoned cars, abandoned cars everywhere! :-) Not sure I do anything special on the machines, but at least some of these photos seem like old classics. So sorry for all these cars.
Could not, of course, in such a large collection of abandoned vehicles is not enough little baby, however, at the abandoned place them at least several. This specific is on the door sticker of a well-known gas stations, what is happening in Poland. The place itself is very interesting, never seen so many old cars on one site.
Abandoned cars
On more and more abandoned cars. Perhaps the photos do not convey, but throughout is, I think, more than a hundred cars. Every abandoned and all the others.
Cut auto
If anyone is interested, the interior of some cars, this is the place created for him. It is here that one of the cars cut in half, you will see all his guts. In the facility is much more abandoned cars.
On the territory of the abandoned places you can find pieces of cars of all kinds. Takes pity how it all looks. In the photo, probably a Renault 14, but a connoisseur of old cars I don't. In conclusion, an abandoned hotel is amazing.
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User image Jaro
24 October 2016, 21:06
Świetne miejsce, bardzo zachowane auta. Aż dziw, że jeszcze tego wszystkiego złomiarze nie roznieśli, jak to mają w zwyczaju..
User image Cepek
16 November 2016, 17:33
Ale dużo starych opuszczonych samochodów. Nic dziwnego, że nie chcesz podawać miejsca!
User image Rudi Ubx
Rudi Ubx
12 December 2016, 21:51
O proszę, nie sądziłem że w Polsce są aż tak wielkie kolekcje opuszczonych aut. Pełno samochodów! Pogratulować znaleziska, sam bym chętnie w nich poszperał. PS. Dobre foty.
User image Kornik Drukarz
Kornik Drukarz
22 October 2017, 17:51
Nadarzyn ul. Bociania

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