Mazowieckie - Club Grotto (Working): information, history, photos.

Club Grotto (Working): History, information.

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Opuszczony Klub Grota (Robotnika) Piastów
Abandoned Club Grotto (Working) in Piastowie, main stage.

The person always get sad when I read about the tragedy. Even smutniej when tragedy reaches the young man. Unfortunately, in Poland still, terrible things happen - the club was just one of them.

About this abandoned Grotto club in Piastowie K. Warsaw, little is known. When, apparently, it housed the so-called "Club " Working", but don't know its history or date of creation. In the middle of looking for dates on Newspapers and calendars, and I have to admit that they have a large rozbierzność. On the wall hangs a poster of the group Sumptuastic, which took place on 22 may 2004. It is not, because this year the disco was closed. Interestingly, on calendars, on the margins of specified 1994 that I dared to conclude a theory that this is the year club of the Farmhand turned into a club Grotto. Hung calendars, and then never removed. But this is only a theory.

In the interior of an abandoned object Piastowa, in addition to calendars, we can find, for example, cabinets in dressing room items accessories, cards (one card for accounting Department). The main room is large, made like caves look amazing decorations, like trees, like rocks. They are visible in the photographs. The hall ends with a scene and on the right is a bar. Worth a look on a few areas, one of them is cash panecerna, which is surrounded by four fotokomórkami (not working).

Under the building disputes is the shelter, which was najparwdopodobniej the main shelter at the enterprises PZPG Stomil Piast. Unfortunately, he completely destroyed and more and more rot, however, inside you can still find a lot of different equipment: among other things, stretchers, uniforms, respirators or sets przeciwchemiczne. Unfortunately, most of the uniforms who was set on fire.

Opuszczony Klub Grota (Robotnika) Warszawa
Abandoned Club Grotto (Working) in Piastowie K. Warsaw. Amazing sculptures in the form of "stone trees".

According to people, with Piastowa (Moscow) abandoned club Grotto was once very popular and often (every weekend) there were organized various events. All, however, agree that while these events often came to scandals and fights. Here we come to the sad part. In front of the building there is a cross with a sign that he died here, young man. As it was probably the best show quote from a conversation on one of the forums, built on may 9 2004, time 15:00.

el-wariatto: killed me something :(((
MaGGus: what ??!!
el-wariatto: well, I got a knife in the heart, took it as ...
MaGGus: I pier**** what is happening in this country... and probably** not** for what ??
el-wariatto: especially because it was 10 and 2, instead of it zlac kick or something is it zadzgal knife that bitch

Soon after the club was closed, and since 2004, the place is deserted. Currently, the owner of the building is the city administration or municipality (source uncertain: one comment under the entry, and had belonged to the Piast Plants of Rubber Industry Stomil sp. z o. o. Currently, more and more destroyed.

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Photos of abandoned place.

The front door from the inside
With this party in an abandoned club, the Grotto, when operated, come to visit discos. You should pay attention to the internal balcony and interesting paintings on the walls. When the place was still functioning, it had to look amazing.
Main hall and bar
Photo shows the main hall and a bar in an abandoned club Grotto. On special attention deserves here the amazing scenery, reminiscent of stone trees and paintings on the walls.
Main stage
The second frame of the main scene in the abandoned club Work (later Cave). The entire interior was decorated in a magical landscape of stones, trees, greenery and paintings on the walls. A person must look amazing, and I am very sorry that not I was allowed to visit the disco during its operation. An abandoned place is Piastowie K. Warsaw.
Stone trees
Amazing sculptures in the form of stone trees - you can find them in an abandoned disco: the club Grotto that was once called club Worker. Aren't they wonderful? I was crushed when I walked into this room. Sorry, that was not any other items.
Club outside
So currently looks like an abandoned club Grotto (previously Working), which is located in Piastowie, near Warsaw. As you can see, the place in a total of noisy boy, the doors and Windows are bricked up, everything started soil erosion. With the entrance, however, has no particular problem, just do not try to enter from the front and look at the back yard of an abandoned place.
Already forgotten the scene in the abandoned club Grotto (Working), which is located in the vicinity of Warsaw, namely Piastowie. Very interesting look behind the scenes of painted stone trees that beautifully blends with all interiors, abandoned disco.
Stage, bar and ceiling
Photo of the interior of an abandoned Grotto disco (Working), Piast, Warsaw. Despite the fact that the object is abandoned since 2004, still looks amazing, especially the ceiling come from the future. The climate adds ventilation.
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User image trans poker
trans poker
15 November 2016, 16:47
Chodziłem kiedyś do tego klubu na imprezy, teraz chodzę z kumplami posiedzieć na piwo. Ogólnie w środku smród i gruzy, mało co już zostało z tego opuszczonego miejsca. Przy okazji szkoda chłopaka, którego tu zamordowano.
User image Rudy Micz
Rudy Micz
16 November 2016, 17:32
Początek XXI wieku i tamtejsze dyskoteki.. Teraz jest coraz spokojniej, choć nadal zdarzają się bójki.
User image Wrotek
12 December 2016, 21:50
Hej czy wiecie, czy dalej się da wejść do tego opuszczonego klubu Grota? Są tam jacyś sąsiedzi? Chcielibyśmy nagrać klip w środku, ale nie wiem czy ktoś zaraz nie wezwie policji na trochę hałasu..
User image Eksplorator
9 April 2017, 20:58
Jaka jest tego dokładna lokalizacja?
User image Lokalny
13 January 2019, 03:02
Niestety to już historia, budynek już nie istnieje. Dziś chcieliśmy go odwiedzić lecz niestety na miejscu spotkaliśmy koparki i wywrotki porządkujące teren po rozbiórce budynku

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