Mazowieckie - Abandoned cemetery of cars " GM: information, history, photos.

Abandoned cemetery of cars " GM: History, information.

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Opuszczone samochody w Grodzisku Mazowieckim: Bugatti 35B, jedno z aut należących do kolekcji
Bugatti 35B, one of the cars that was in the collection

There is a derelict plot of land, which previously was the largest and most expensive collection of cars in Poland. It is the remains of a collection of hundreds of unique cars and motorcycles: SS100 Jaguar, BMW 327, prototypes Matra Murena, Grosser Mercedes, Sam Yago (project Adam Malt), numerous Alfa Romeo's (m. : Giulia GTA), Plymouth, belonging to the once Roman Polanski, the Porsche 911 of Maryla rodovich, Lancia Fulvia or more instances of Bugatti.

The remains of abandoned wrecks at the present time are the latest evidence of the existence once of the crop harvested here hundreds of unique cars and motorcycles that were first delivered in a more or less legitimate way, was later to be pillaged in the last few years. It began shortly after the war. The Ministry of Transport was working on a high level a Tadeusz Tabencki, who was the officer responsible for the recovery of the occupied territories of the third Reich of luxury goods (in particular cars) rozkradzionych during the war.

Mr. T. he did his job not quite fair (although very effectively), as being a big fan of cars, restored many of the "gems" have kept to themselves. All, therefore, all refurbished machines were collected at two sites. In buying cars certainly helped him that he was, by the way, the Security officer. Says that effectively use available through UB tools: to exert pressure, blackmail and intimidation.

Opuszczone samochody w Grodzisku Mazowieckim: Porche 911 z lat 70'tych, jedno z aut należących do kolekcji
The Porsche 911 of the 70-ies. Such went the nitty gritty

Thus, in the course of a year developing this amazing collection, and, apparently, during the

His son has no inheritance rights and could only watch as his father will be pillaged. Initially he pushed the components of petty thieves, but they started showing up the real criminals - those who began to post their own locks, the aggressors, who beat everyone they met, finally, after people in suits wanting to solve the issue of the decline to buy the collection of the paperwork. Unfortunately, with respect to the so zmasowanych "attacks" the son of Tadeusz Tabenckiego had to let go, and a large collection is currently in a state of agonalnym. The entire area is now completely abandoned, and the remains of shipwrecks vehicles waiting for a slow death.

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User image wili
1 August 2016, 09:33
Świetne opuszczone miejsce do zdjęć - szkoda, że tak już zniszczone.
User image Justyna
5 July 2019, 00:21
Jak chcecie poodwiedzać takie miejsca to sprawdźcie

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