Łódzkie - An abandoned movie theater Mazur: information, history, photos.

An abandoned movie theater Mazur: History, information.

Localization: Łódź Voivodeship, Poland.
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Kino Luna (Mazur) kiedyś, Pabianice, 1926 rok. Zdjęcie archiwalne.
Cinema the Moon, Lullaby, 1926. Photo archive.

An abandoned movie theater Mazur (before the war called Luna) was superb gem, a leading attraction of the city of Pabianice. Elegant, with a rich interior, shared, unfortunately, the fate of many other theaters in the łódź Voivodeship in Poland - were erased and destroyed. For this, no doubt, in the vicinity there is a shopping arcade in which you can massively watch the video "stupięćdziesięciuekranach', nabijając the pocket of foreign corporations.

Opuszczone kino Mazur, Pabianice
An abandoned movie theater Mazur at the present time.

It all started from Edward Julia Vortheila, was born in East Prussia, where his Dutch family was engaged in fishing. He was born in 1857. After his death of his brother, he ran away from home and started traveling. During a visit to France, he bought the cinema from the lumière brothers, inventors, and pioneers of cinematography. With them just went first to Berlin and then in St Petersburg. St. Petersburg, where they filmed the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II (another source reports that it was the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs). From him also received in evidence of the merits of a concession for the opening of the cinema in Russia (it was the first in the history of Russia license to conduct home). A funny story was such that Vortheil was amazingly numerous challenges to such license to: Royal officials had no idea that this is film and cinema.

At this time in Russia was the Shah of Persia, who, being under the impression of the work of the Director, invited him to Tehran. There is also Vortheil was court directed, for which they received a lot of money (according to some sources it was two bags of gold coins), which marked the beginning of the property Vortheila, thanks to which in later time he was able to build a cinema. Edward received from Shah, one more thing: the title of Lord, title.

Eduard Julius Vortheil, założyciel kina w Pabianicach. 1918 rok
Eduard Julius Vortheil, founder, movie, Lullaby. 1918.

In the first years of the twentieth century he came to the Boat, where on the street Piotrkowska Piotrkowska 21 and 17 organized screenings in the team "illusion". Then, in cooperation with Teodorem Junodem founded the cinema and theatre named after Urania (currently, there is a shop Magda in the corner of Piotrkowska and Arach). In 1911, along with Rudolph Masickim, began to petition for the construction of the cinema in Pabianice that a year later he managed to obtain consent (may 12, 1912). The new enterprise was called the Moon. The construction lasted long, and at the turn of 1912 and 1913 in kinoteatrze, on St. John, the first projection. Edward Vortheil lived at the time in Pabianice constantly on the street, at Masickich, near the front of the theater. Same movie, but here on the stage, and celebrities such as, for example, Stefan Jaracz, Ilya Ćwiklińska and Kazimierz Junosza Stępowski. Start of activities Vortheila Lullaby called critical reviews of the local weekly:

A series of images is not always equivalent. The Directorate should consider that if he wants to have success, the program should be appropriate for different areas and different ages. Must avoid sensational images, the content of which, mostly, is obscene, and often obscene, and to pay more attention to the didactic side, forming, for example, images of nature, industry, history, which, in combination with expertly selected scenes komicznymi and a fantastic will be served on the person which usually is sure to please.

After the first world war, the theater received a new name: Mazur. Soon later, in 1918, the movie as a whole was sold to Rudolph Masickiego. Eduard Julius Vortheil died 25 Feb 1927 at the age of 76 years. They buried him in the cemetery of the Protestant Church, a Lullaby. After the SECOND world war, the cinema was nationalized, stopped working in the middle of 90-ies.

Same abandoned cinema more and more destroyed, its interior looks like a strong after the cataclysm: the chairs have been ripped out and taken away, installing a split system, the roof leaks (that the design of the building becoming increasingly unstable). Interestingly, the scene is still white drape to display the video, as if in defiance of time. About the movie, its history and the history of the Vortheila was filmed under the name "Eduard Julius Vortheil. Dreams and dreams of the pioneer of photography" Director Zbigniew Gajzlera.

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User image itam
29 July 2016, 12:57
Bardzo ciekawe opuszczone miejsce, zawsze zastanawiałem się jak te stare kino wygląda w środku.
User image Natek1974
2 September 2016, 16:20
Itam też zawsze mnie tam ciekawiło, chodzę wzdłuż kina codziennie dwukrotnie do pracy :-) Jakoś nigdy nie miałem odwagi, żeby spróbować tam wejść. Pewnie da się przez te krzaczory z tyłu..
User image Maari
27 September 2016, 13:00
Świetle zdjęcie, ciekawa historia. Pozdrawiam!
User image Z Pabianic
Z Pabianic
16 November 2016, 17:39
O Vorthellu i jego opuszczonym kinie to w Pabianicach legendy chodzą. Łącznie z taką, że jego duch chodzi nocą po kinie i ogląda te białe prześcieradło, jakby był tam odtwarzany film. Podobno dlatego tak długo wisi i wygląda jak nienaruszone :-D Ludzka psychika nie zna granic.

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