Małopolskie - Abandoned city hospital 'NT': information, history, photos.

Abandoned city hospital 'NT': History, information.

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Old city hospital located on the outskirts of the city. Is a large complex of several abandoned buildings. Above the main entrance you can see the characteristic white cross.

Unfortunately, despite a very persistent searches, I was unable to get to the history of the buildings. Of course, the whole complex offers more than a hundred years, and najpradopodobniej, according to the website of the city administration, owes its existence to Dr. Jan Bednarskiemu, who lived in the years 1860-1926. Another quote that I found about it:

The century-old building, which was born many, many regained health, but many żegnało life.

Interesting facts: in the basement of the two oldest buildings you can find the money with the main forces and freezer German production. The hospital is abandoned and destroyed. Its characteristic feature is a large white cross placed above the main entrance.

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