Małopolskie - Abandoned physiotherapy Department: information, history, photos.

Abandoned physiotherapy Department: History, information.

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Opuszczony zakład przyrodoleczniczy w Szczawnicy: Nowy projekt uzdrowiska
New resort project

Abandoned resort is located in the village character and recreational resort located in the Pieniny. It was here in 1963, construction began on the Plant Przyrodoleczniczego, which ended in 1975. Ultimately, a large complex of buildings was commissioned in 1977.

As a resort, this city started in the beginning of the XIX century, when the fate connected with earth brought from Hungary of ownership Szalayów - so the city is a living monument of the cordial relations of the Polish-Hungarian to this day. A certain Joseph Stefan hotel wanted to build a resort on the European level. And that was friends with the Professor of the Jagiellonian University Joseph Dietlem, which helped him to explore the local waters, began to use them for medicinal purposes. It Dietlowi szczawnicki devoted to the main square. In those days there came here the presidents and deputies of the II RP, there were also Fredro, Kraszewski, Sienkiewicz, Konopnicka whether Matejko.

Zakład przyrodoleczniczy, Szczawnica: Fontanna przed opuszczonym zakładem
Fountain place in front of an abandoned factory

The main building has three floors. The resort is still a few more small, ordinary buildings, which housed massage. The main part was the pool, balcony and plenty of space. Between each of the floors we are moving the stairs to the so-called glass towers. On the top there is an observation deck where we can enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape, and the plant was storey restaurant.

Currently, the heirs of the prewar owner of the land, the count Adam Stadnicki, convinced the Minister of Finance to back the former property. In place of the old object is expected to create a modern and fully about rehab treatment. The building will have two floors, and they, in particular, swimming pools, massage rooms and Solarium. Despite all this, the plant still stands derelict.

Interestingly, the site you can find pipes and pumps, which are responsible for the nearby working town fountain (see photo).

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User image wponur
6 September 2016, 21:19
Jestem właśnie w Szczawnicy i nie znając jeszcze historii tego objektu na własny użytek nazwałem go Polski Czarnobyl i oprowadziłem tamtędy kilku zaprzyjażnionych turystów-byli zauroczeni.A swoją drogą czy za zdewastowanie mojego także majątku ktoś został ukarany?
User image Into the Shadows
Into the Shadows
17 September 2016, 12:04
Byłem w wielu opuszczonych miejscach, a zdecydowana większość z nich to byłe spółki państwowe. Praktycznie nigdy winni nie zostają ukarani, mamy za bardzo rozmyty system odpowiedzialności - zresztą właśnie w tym celu jest taki.
User image MagdMagda
20 July 2018, 15:25
Gdzie to jest dokladnie? Nie wiem jak tam dojechac a nie jestem ze szczawni

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