Mazowieckie - An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka': information, history, photos.

An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka': History, information.

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Szpital psychiatryczny Zofiówka, Otwock: Zdjęcie archiwalne
Abandoned factory informed psychiatric

The full name of the "permanent mission for the Nervously and Mentally ill Jews." Hospital and sanatorium was built in 1907. During the war killed about 110-140 people. In the hospital was, among other things, mother Julian Tuwim after a failed suicide attempt. In the category of an abandoned mental hospital in Poland, one of the most famous.

Opuszczony szpital psychiatryczny Zofiówka w Otwocku: Zdjęcie archiwalne
Abandoned hospital

Abandoned factory was built on the initiative of the Society for the Care for the Mentally and Nervously Sick Jews, and, in particular, through Samuel Goldflama, which until 1926 was the head of the hospital. All zasponsorowała Sofia Endelmanowa (her name was named branch), giving for this purpose your jewelry. Initially, the hospital had the possibility of treatment of 95 patients at one time.

In 1910, extended the factory building is for women only, and 16 years later were added two more. In 1935 it was a big hospital (about 275 patients). Came here the vast majority of the poor Jews, who were treated free of charge. I should add that the treatment of mental illness was then a novelty. In Germany, the first center of this type was built only 7 years Zofiówką and was the first such venture in Europe. Tried to return patients to life in society, and an important element of therapy were work.

Samuel Goldfam, załóżyciel szpitala Zofiówka w Otwocku
Samuel Goldfam, the founder of the institution

During the occupation Agency ruled Germany Josta Walbum, and the hospital was in the ghetto. In 1941, in zakłądzie was approx. 350 patients and more than a year later, the Nazis shot around here. 110 - 140 people, forcing staff and patients at pavilion number one. Committed suicide Maślanko doctor, doctor Lewinówna, Dr. Vladimir Kaufman, Dr. Dorothy levy and a few other doctors for it Dr Stephen Miller together with his wife and part of the staff managed to escape in the ambulance.

In 1943, the hospital had created something that was called Lebensborn center "restoration of German blood" and "Scandinavian breeding supermen." In the end, it was supposed to accommodate 100 mothers and 150 children. The plant was also engaged in germanizacją Polish children and preparing them for adoption in German families. After a suicide attempt in the hospital was also George Tuwim (mother Julian Tuwim), who was killed by the Germans. Apparently, he stayed and was killed by actor Michael Snitch, however, has no absolute proof.

After the war was treated in prison from tuberculosis. In 1985, the hospital back to treatment of mental illness, but the patients were mainly children. Currently, the object is abandoned and badly damaged. it is one of the most famous abandoned hospitals in Poland.

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