Hospital - An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka'

An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka' - Conductor in one of the rooms


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The full name of the "permanent mission for the Nervously and Mentally ill Jews." Hospital and sanatorium was built in 1907. Killed here about 110-140 people. She'd been here minutes. mother Julian Tuwim after a failed suicide attempt. In the photo one of the premises of this abandoned psychiatric hospital and a conductor standing at the window.
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Place description An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka'.

Story, pictures and information. The full name of the "permanent mission for the Nervously and Mentally ill Jews." The hospital was built in 1907, there were killed about 110-140 people.
To see the full description, history and all the photos of this abandoned place, click here: An abandoned psychiatric hospital 'Sofiyivka'.

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