Podlaskie - Fort 'P': information, history, photos.

Fort 'P': History, information.

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Generał Aleksiej Szoszin, projektant i budowniczy twierdzy
General Alexei Szoszin, designer and Builder of the fortress

These three powerful abandoned FORTS connected by a system of shafts and ditches in a group called "Home Protection". Be a fragment of XIX century fortifications of the district łomżyńskiego. In contrast to the classical fortresses fortowych, these objects are combined in a continuous line of defense: the ramparts, the ditches next to the road for rapid deployment of troops and supplies as well as storage passive and combat.

Kaponiera - fortyfikacja wykorzystywana do prowadzenia ostrzału skrzydłowego lub skośnego w dwóch różnych kierunkach.
Kaponiera - strengthening is used for conducting attack the defender or oblique projection in two different directions.

FORTS began to be built in 1887. In the beginning it was a cold redoubts (closed, independent work, field fortification and semi-solids), but later three of them were completed, among other things, adding elements of concrete. Responsible for the construction of a Russian General Alexei Szoszin (1861-1924), which is planned to increase the construction of new FORTS. None of this, however, did not work, and in 1909 the castle was destroyed. The FORTS were originally designated 1 (East), 2 (middle) and 3 (West), and was later renamed in accordance with the Russian alphabet, A, B, V.

In 1939 the Polish Army strengthened the fortifications, built on the ramparts of the shelters the twelve positions of the machine guns. Strengthening this was the main point of resistance of the Polish troops in the northeast during September campaign (1939). Strengthening in Piątnicy was a modern, unified military complex, with zwielokrotnionym covering fire assumption, especially roads leading to the city. Each Fort had an individual, asymmetrical construction. At present the Fort is abandoned and not in use.

There is a legend that is unexplored is still a tunnel leading under the river and connecting the fortress with the nearby convent of the Capuchin fathers. Hope, however, that this is just fictional nonsense: creating this type of tunnel would be like in those days, very hard and made no sense.

The second legend says that after the SECOND world War the FORTS were a place of storage of dead UB members of the anticommunist opposition. Apparently, part of the underground sidewalks were bricked up, and it is possible that today there are buried human remains. Here, however, such assumptions are not confirmed in the available archival material, and the fortifications were not discovered any traces, evidence zamurowaniu part of shelters or tunnels.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Staircases inside the refuge
Abandoned Fort Piątnica near łomża, is a really big complex połączanych with him to the barracks, bunkers and shelters - related not only land, but also podziemnie. Numerous tunnels lead in all directions, sometimes also in the mountains.
The second is swamped with asylum
In an abandoned Fort Piątnica K. łomża we can meet at many different shelters and bunkers - not only on these main FORTS, and small fortifications. This is just one of them - one of the partially destroyed bunkers. The climate of this place is truly amazing - especially as we imagine that this abandoned asylum military once sat and killed the Polish soldiers.
The bullet hit
A place that, most likely, hit by a shell. Unfortunately, the abandoned FORTS in Piątnicy old and ruined that it is difficult to assert on one hundred percent the allocation level is too high. Some bunkers that you can see on the other photos, you zawalą.
The Fort And barracks, and kaponiera
Photo of the Fort partnership, composed of barracks and kaponiera szyjowa (strengthening for conducting attack the defender or oblique projection in two different directions).
Barracks-a building designed for placing troops. You should know that the first barracks was established during the Roman Empire. In times much later (modern) barracks began to be built in Poland since the eighteenth century (with the development of permanent troops).
The second photo of the barracks, that is building for the army. Oddly enough, the buildings themselves, not as something terribly destroyed graficiarzy - which is very surprising, as access to the FORTS is without problems. Themselves abandoned barracks overthrow their appearance and size.
Barracks on the inside
In this photo we can see part of the barracks from the inside together with large, spacious Windows and visible against a small bunker on the hill. All that is necessary for a complex of abandoned FORTS in Piątnicy, in the district of łomża (Silesian Voivodeship).
A small bunker
As the name indicates, photo shows the interior of one of the barracks of the abandoned Fort in Piątnicy K. łomża, but one of the small bins, from which simply scatter throughout the neighborhood. These FORTS were one of the largest fortifications in the territory of the XIX century, Russian.
Holes for firing
Not all areas in the Fort they narrow. In addition presented on this page are the barracks, a spacious storage bins or areas with holes strzeleckimi.
The remains of bunkers
Unfortunately, except maybe the main buildings of the Fort in Piątnicy, the entire military facility is slowly moving towards bankruptcy. As seen in the example presented here, the observation of large blocks, they break, and more and more destroyed. If someone wants to see an abandoned Fort at Piątnicy, he should do it as soon as possible.
Hall of the barracks
One of the halls of barracks buildings - very spacious, as it had to accommodate more troops. This is one of the three main buildings of the abandoned Fort in Piątnicy.
The destroyed shelter
Abandoned Fort Piątnica hides many secrets, and hides are also very many different hidden places. One of them is the bunker: up to half swamped, thankfully, is still available. You can clearly see how thick the blocks were used for its production, unfortunately, time did not win, and shelter, after some time will collapse, no matter how strong was.
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