Mazowieckie - Abandoned police station in Konstancin: information, history, photos.

Abandoned police station in Konstancin: History, information.

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Opuszczony komisariat policji Konstancin - Jeziorna
Abandoned police station in Konstancin now

In Poland, these abandoned places, around which legends grow. Amazing story. With stories about ghosts, so it is that, as a rule, are a mask under which hides the ancient tragedy. If this abandoned police station in Konstancin there is a suspicion that this is one of those places.

Konstancin-or rather, Konstancin-Jeziorna is located at Warsaw, a small resort area. Further, to the desolate place, it should be noted that his neighborhood is filled beautiful villas of rich people. Here is the police station, where several years ago she worked for the police. The Villa currently has about 80 years. About what is happening with the spirits? Already writing.

Part of the paranormal

Recently konstanciński spirit has made a considerable career, which, no doubt, contributed to the television TVN. The site became a place of Ghost seekers, even happened that the people there spent the night, to hear szwędające on the subject, ghosts. So there is the legend of the Blue Ghost: a former employee of the NKVD or maybe UB eka.

Let's start with of the fantastic, that is relations, which introduced the portal 4wymiar - I think that this source will be for this purpose perfectly. According to them, police officers who worked here and talked about the mysterious steps, the sounds, the sounds almost every night. According to them, even the former police chief " claimed that someone walked on the creaking stairs or the hallways, although no one was there. A Ghost without hesitation walked across the floor, will go mostly around the room over dyżurką. The portal adds that the police, who remained on night work, on the contrary, could not wait when finally in the morning they will be able to leave the old police station. 4wymiaru team and project called "Project NPN" claim that "the collected data clearly indicate that we are dealing here with genuine cases of invisible forces".

It further States that the police have only worked on a renovated floor. It is also stated that the building has since its Foundation worked only service shaped: after the war, the NKVD and UB, then the police. Apparently, on the first floor was interrogating political prisoners. Now zanurzmy in mysticism. Here's story number one.

Nawiedzony komisariat policji w Konstancinie
Floor haunted Commissioner in Konstancin. Here, apparently, it is a mysterious phantom.

About midnight the duty on the first floor he heard someone in the room above him, he jumped off the window sill onto the floor. The COP at first didn't react. After a while, however, he heard the steps of someone or something coming down from the floor down. [...] The steps were louder and louder. [...] At some point he saw that the door to the room gently aside. [...] Climbed into the stands next to the metal Cabinet of the tank and took out her automatic shotgun", "Kalashnikov". Put the cartridge into the chamber, przeładował, took aim at the door and waited. [ ... ] But all the voices ceased. [ ... ] When I realized that no one came to the duty room and slowly walked over to the table and through the radio I downloaded a police car, holding them on patrol. But I was scared. – says the officer-the policeman was on duty. His attitude is confirmed by other staff.

Currently in an abandoned police station, apparently, was a lot more paranormal events. One of the police officers working here in 2001, he met the alleged "figure in an officer's uniform". Now, we find the story of number two.

I performed service in the patrol along with a colleague. At the post of duty was police officer with 30 years of experience. At some point, without the use of kryptonimu, called me on the radio: "Quick! To me!”. I thought someone hacked Team. [..] At the entrance to the duty room, I saw sitting in the chair other. He was terrified and didn't trust him. In his hands he held przeładowaną automatic weapons. He told me that someone came to the duty room. I asked about the details. He began to tell what he saw, suddenly from the corridor came a man in uniform. On call he could not determine what shape, i.e. to what units it might belong. Said that, of course, it was a figure, and what is important and characteristic, this man had a high officer's boots. Passing through the hallway, he looked in the direction of performing duty colleagues. After a while, it all lasted a few seconds, this man came back, went around the corner of the corridor, and... disappeared!

Cela w opuszczonym komisariacie policji w Konstancinie
The interior of one goal in the abandoned police station in Konstancin.

What is it then? The portal casts the fishing line comes with many different theories. One of them says that the old Villa haunted by the ghosts of those killed there during the interrogations the NKVD people. Even more interesting arguments about the hidden road since the SECOND world war. According to her, of course, even ran a lot of wealthy people from Warsaw, who hid their possessions there, and spirits at the police station was there because they guard their own buried treasure.

The story develops. The game takes the TVN and medium, miss Alice Ziętek. The woman immediately after the floor had received a vision as he claims, contacted her, being there in spirit. According to her, she saw a bald man after 40'stce, who sat hunched in a chair, dressed in the cloak officer. She argues that the spirit cannot move on "the other side" because he committed many crimes and not repent. Wants forgiveness, he's looking for help. This all may be true, I leave the assessment of readers. Although I highly recommend reading the second part.

The rational part

So it is that people are endowed with imagination. She allows us to hear sounds which no one was published and to see the characters, which is not. Not comes to my mind is the best place to build legends, the abandoned police station. Perhaps, the biggest noise came around the building after the relationship in TVN'ie, after which the story began a life of its own - all wrote about it, adding something from yourself. Thus was born the legend of the spirit with the NKVD or UB - Blue Ghost.

At the beginning of obalmy a few myths. First of all, none of those mentioned in the metaphysical history, has its confirmation in the facts - someone knows someone who saw the spirit, an anonymous police officer testified, etc.. Also the story that the police were occupied only the first floor and come little floor real floor was also operated. Dorzućmy to that the fact that prior to elevate himself to the police, the building never heard of it nawiedzeniu all the stories appeared only later.

Komisariat policji Konstancin
New police station in Konstancin.

The second myth that in an abandoned police station was once a "torture chambers" UB or NKVD. Their headquarters, really existed, but was in a distance of about half a kilometer "White Mansion on Mount Royal. Thus, neither the UX nor the NKVD was never in the building his office. The storm all the stories about spirits that I, as they are based on this fact. The remaining relations form a paranormal based only the words of someone who has positioned himself as a psychic. It is, however, to say that someone strongly wants the legend continued, gddyż several times left in the snow around the checkpoint traces of the majestic officers of the shoes.

Holding forth the historic facts and within the interesting facts I should add that if someone will look for perfume, you should look closest. "Square Sportowemu". During the Nazi occupation group RKS Mirkow played out their matches, as was officially prohibited. Wait commune planted, however, his eyes planted on players ' trees, which served the players for the columns heads. 23 Aug, 1943 in the course of football matches SK "Papiernik" and SC "Vortex-Mokotów" in the territory were German żadnarmeria, killing players, and wounding spectators. Without a doubt, this story could also resist several legends and myths.

The building itself was only in the autumn of 2014 (and this despite the ninth time) sold by the municipality to private hands - perhaps to the next "Station Sports" to be built kindergarten. The building itself komsariatu in Konstancin today it's abandoned and more and more destroyed. Currently the entire object wymieciony of the things, papers, even wymontowano radiators. Climate, and goals with wydrapanymi on the walls inscriptions.

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User image Tralala
15 November 2016, 16:46
Fajne foty, kiedyś było w Konstancinie głośno o tym opuszczonym komisariacie policji :-) Choć z tego co mi wiadomo to większość z tych historii ktoś powymyślał, a policjanci nie przyznają się do tych opowieści.
User image Marco
16 November 2016, 17:30
Nic tylko brać śpiwór, lecieć tam na noc i wyczekiwać mrocznego ubeka ;)
User image Rudy Rydz z Mrągowa
Rudy Rydz z Mrągowa
12 December 2016, 21:49
Opuszczony komisariat policji w Konstancinie bardzo klimatyczny, szczególnie na powyższych fotografiach. Urban Exploration jest bardzo ciekawym hobby, robisz człowieku niesamowite rzeczy :-) Oby tak dalej, pozdrawiam ciepło.

My travels.

As you may have noticed, this page has not been updated very often lately. This does not mean that I have abandoned exploration - only that I am temporarily occupied by another project called Fshoq! - Travels and Photography, where I describe my travel adventures, I add photo guides and describe ways to live healthier. If you are curious about my trips and photography, take a look at this page. Once I've developed enough of Fshoq!, As I have done with Into the Shadows, I will return here and I will again start to describing my exploration of abandoned places. See you later!

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