Opolskie - Our tower on the Gopło lake: information, history, photos.

Our tower on the Gopło lake: History, information.

Localization: Opole Voivodeship, Poland.
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Król Popiel - Mysia Wieża
Popiel II, illustration from the works of John Glukhovsky, Icones of the princes and Polish kings, 1605.

The legend of king Popielu, which ate a mouse, everyone knows. However, not everyone knows that Popiel is, most likely, and Glades Denis (ancestor's Lives), and Our Tower is still standing, proudly rising up on the shores of lake Gopło.

Zamek w Kruszwicy
The castle in Kruszwica, seventeenth century engraving of authorship Eric Dahlbergh. On the right we see the Mouse Tower.

However, it is worth noting that Our Tower stanowiłą only a small fragment of a much larger fortifications: the Castle in Kruszwica. Its construction began in 1350 and finished five years later, it was built by king Casimir the Great. He appeared on the wrong plan had a gate on the East side and two towers on the West side.

The castle in Kruszwica was twice burned during the Swedish invasion in 1655 and 1657. Before all this nastiness, there was a Board and kasztelania kruszwicka. On the right we can see the prints of the castle drawn by Erik Dahlbergh, and immediately after the flood, buffet, and even from fire. I should add that the author drew him in Lviv from memory, having, among other things, Gopło with the Vistula river. In 1861 was launched the maintenance of the tower, during which at least managed to finish the stairs leading to the entrance.

The legend of king Popielu

Popiel was legendarrnym king, who lived around the town of Kruszwica, which lies to this day on the shores of lake Gopło. His subjects hated their ruler, because he was really mocking them at the same time sponsoring great feasts. He had a wife originating from a foreign country who was not better than him.

This style of life and the administration of the Kingdom did not like the relative of the king, who came from a family Myszeidów. They understood that if this goes on, the family property accumulated over many generations will disappear like a soap bubble. They came to the king Popiel, asking him to come to himself. His wife, who wanted to get rid of a burdensome family, and stole to the single buyer the ring of poison. He was magic and acted in such a way that every poisoned person could turn into any animal.

Is the holiday. Everyone ate and drank, after which the king Popiel raised a toast - przejęzyczył he built it not for Myszeidów and mouse. Guests that have just poisoned wine, changed that one in mouse, which zagryzły as Popel as his wife.

Kruszwickim in the castle lived an old Popiel
That for his crime he suffered the objectives of punishment
And although it's weird, everybody believes it
That little mouse ate of the king in the tower.

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User image Karl
12 December 2016, 21:43
Ha, zdarza mi się przejeżdżać niedaleko tych ruin jakoś raz w tygodniu, lubię się tam zatrzymać przy jeziorze na kilka chwil i popatrzeć, powspominać jak tu kiedyś było, kiedy stał jeszcze cały zamek.
User image Sławomir
27 March 2017, 07:32
Fatalne te tłumaczenie na angielski.
User image karolina
19 May 2017, 01:49
Mysia Wieża nie znajduję się na Opolszczyźnie ;)
User image Daria94
17 November 2018, 10:06
Dla ścisłości, zdjęcia przedstawiają basztę w Bolesławcu ;)

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