UK - The Grianán Ailigh: information, history, photos.

The Grianán Ailigh: History, information.

Localization: UK.
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The Grianán Ailigh, Irlandia: prehistoryczny fort z lotu ptaka
The Grianán Ailigh

The origins of Grianán Ailigh dates from 1700 BC. They are connected with the people of the Tuatha de Danann who invaded Ireland before the Celts and built stone fortress on top of strategic hills. People you worshipped Dagda (the Good God, although it was a man) who ordered the construction of the stone fortifications that served as a burial place and monument for his dead son.

Round the Fort was rebuilt largely without a solution to remain the closest to the original building. The interior has three terraces , in front of which was built a wooden structure to give shelter to people. During the early rulers of Ireland (between the eighth century BC and the XII century BC) was the center of cultural and political life of the island. In the second century ad he was placed on the world map of Claudius Ptolemy. In 1101, the castle was destroyed by troops Murtagha O'brien, king Munsteru.

Now you can watch reconstructed in the XIX century walls surrounding the interior of the Fort circle with a diameter of 23 meters. Dry stone walls have two entrances, and a huge terrace will allow you to get to the top of the fortifications. In 2014, the gate was open and no problems.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Entrance gate
The Grianan Ailigh in full glory. As you can see the signs remind you that this territory cannot be biwakować or to Park at night. Although, in my opinion, it is a blank password - on site not seen a living soul. Photos, as the entire fortress, they, in my opinion, very climatic.
Although this is only the nineteenth century, the reconstruction of this Fort, it was renovated with all details. These stairs look as if he were standing here a very long time. Worth reading the full story of this neglected space on the page object.
Perhaps, once the entrance to the main mini-chamber, where he is the leader. Currently, the Department for janitorial equipment, of which probably hasn't been used.
The Grianán Ailigh
The view from the top of the fortifications.
The Grianan Ailigh away
Photo of the building from the entrance gate (which is closed, so that part will have to walk). We see here typical of this part of Ireland the vegetation through which strengthening becomes even more resort facilities.
The only entrance to the fortification called the Grianan Ailigh. Fantastic photo shows how big the difference of growth between people living thousands of years ago, and modern. Currently even lower, individuals must bend over to enter this haunted place.
Entrance and view
Photo perfectly shows how high was the hill on which was built this abandoned settlement. The absence of any obstacles the field has provided amazing visibility. We can also see how high was the wall - as in those days, the building is impressive.
The view from the wall
From the walls of Grianan Ailigh breathtaking light views of the surrounding area. The fortress is situated on a hill which is very this helps. Currently you can see a lot of farmland, but sometime, of course it was not. With better visibility, you can see the sea.
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