Into the Shadows: About the author

About author.

Wojciech K, born in 1988. Author of the Into the Shadows project
Wojciech K., born in 1988.
Author of the Into the Shadows project.

Few sentences about me.

Businessman, photographer, traveler, graphic designer, social activist. Patriot and idealist with it's own opinions. Guided by their own kind of balanced logic and common sense. There's only one life so we need to live hard. I'm an enemy of almost everything called modernity. Seeker of beauty in not-beautiful, magic in the non-magic.

This life is worth to live for three or four things, the rest can be used as fertilizer on the field.

If you want to contact me, please use the contact form or write: . PS. I'm not a professional photographer, it's my hobby. However, if you have a cool idea for a photo shoot, write me.

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