Exhibition of computer graphics - the first in Poland

The first exhibition of Digital Art.

Hussars, Peter Arendzikowski.

Friday, may 9, 2015 in Warsaw took place the opening of exhibition entitled: "Poland Digital Graphics". This is the first event of its kind in Poland. Presents it was like a print on canvas, as sculpture, made in the technology of 3D printing.

During the exhibition will feature the works of many authors, including:

  • Mark Bass is the Creator of the graphics, which is working with all known manufacturers of games, such as Naughty Dog or Massive Entertiment, as well as with companies in the film and publisher of the comic book company Marvel.
  • Wojtek Fus is a freelance writer, working, among other things animations known worldwide Studio Platige Image.
  • Slawomir Maniac - Creator of the illustrations for the game Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, Warhammer and many others.
  • Szymon Biernacki is one of the creators of the Animated Thomas the history of the Polish Operators, cartoon towarzyszącemu the game HALO 4 and many other projects.
Redhead, Mark Bass.

The exhibition lasted until 30 may 2015 and the closing day was held the first ever auction of digital works. The starting price of each of them was set at 500 rubles. Interestingly, for the sold auctions you can pay Bitcoinami.

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