Tripod - is it worth?

Photographer with tripod

Sooner or later every photographer begins to ask himself the question: should you buy a tripod that I needed and when to use it? In this article I will try to answer this question.

To start is to answer the question, what is the exposure time. In General, the time during which our device will "catch" the light, and, therefore, the main factor is that in the photo everything will be sharp or blurry. This is a huge simplification, but for this article enough.

Perhaps you would like to know what the set time the image will begin watered down. This, unfortunately, depends on several factors, but in a simplified - when removed from the hands (i.e., do not put anything of his own apartu and not using for example, a tripod), then some longer times of radiation therapy, just the vibration of the arm will not allow You to register a sharp image (i.e., clear, without smearing, smudging).

Tripod with ball ball

It depends also from many czynnyków. On lenses with a shorter focal length of this time can be quite long, for example 1/25 of a second with focal lengths of 24 mm, and for as long as the 85mm , it's hard to get clear pictures at times lower than 1/60 of a second. I should add that the lenses with the so-called "system damping", these times can be lower, as they shift the border a safe time to shoot hands down.

In this case, when it is necessary to have a tripod? First of all, during the night photos, when the exposure time can be up to several tens of seconds. When shooting static objects in the late evening is also useful to us because we can safely take the picture with the lowest ISO (light sensitivity of the sensor in our camera - higher values in the picture can show so-called "grain", i.e. the loss of image quality).

Tripod to play it is also useful while shooting photos, folding, for example, HDR (High Dynamic Range image) or panoramas composed of multiple photos. Then without a tripod will not work. Also worth bearing in mind that the cost of the tripod is a serious expense, because approx. 500 - 700 PLN (it is in the best of company, we will have the peace of mind for years to come). Therefore, if you plan to take photos in dark places at night or to include HDR'y / panoramas, the tripod will be for us a mandatory thing.

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User image Miejskie pstryki
Miejskie pstryki
29 April 2018, 23:09
349 złotych, tyle dałem dokładnie za swój statyw. doszły do tego koszty wysyłki i spokój na lata :P co do merytorycznej wartości wyrobiłem sobie po jednym artykule zdanie i będę tylko wizualnączęść strony sprawdzał :P

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