Turn Transsyberyjska

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Turn transsyberyjska

Turn Transsyberyjska is the longest stretch of railway in the world cross the entire Eurazję from West to East, together with its eight time zones. The route is more than 9000 kilometers we can win about 6 days and 6 hours.

The main trail is a line transsyberyjska, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok through Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. It is the longest railway line in the world, which is more than 8 time zones, and the total length of the route is 9288,8 km. the Second path is a line transmandżurska, which coincides with the line transsyberyjską in Tatarskaja (300 km to the East from Lake Baikal). From this point the line goes Southeast towards China and ends its run in Beijing. The third way is to line transmongolska – coincides with the line transsyberyjską in Ulan Ude on the Eastern coast of lake Baikal. Later, he goes to the side of Ulan Bator, to end its run in Beijing.

The railroad passes through two continents, eighty-nine cities iszesnaście large rivers. Crossing Europe overcomes 1 777 kilometers, and in Asia takes place within 7 512 km (more than 80% of the entire route). As a symbolic boundary is 1778 kilometers near the village Pierwouralsk - inthis place is a monument to mark the border between the two continents.


Should write that in order to enter the territory of Russia need a visa. To gain this service (information for 2013) must be booked the hotels for all days of stay. It's quite difficult, at least it was in our case: up to the end did not know where we sleep. In addition, part of the night we planned to spend in the tent.

I, however, cunning sorcerer and booked for bookingu for the whole three weeks, hostel in Moscow, which did not require immediate payment (if the "Banana Hostel"). Because of this, I received a booking confirmation, which once handed over, and, oddly enough, has passed.

I'd also add that we, despite all attempts, failed to get a visa double.

Train tickets

How to look the price of tickets for travel by rail transsyberyjską? In 2013, the cost of the ticket Moscow – Vladivostok amounted to approx. 1000zł. A bit more expensive was, if we decided to cover this route parts and to get out in other cities. Of course, prices vary, so it pays to check on the plants. You can buy tickets directly on the website of the carrier: (personally, I bought them here), and through Polish intermediaries. Ticket sale starts 45 days before scheduled departure - they should acquire in advance as all wanting transsyberyjską not enough.

For example, I can conclude that it is not necessary to worry too much specified when purchasing the ticket data:

For weak knowledge of the language of the 1/4 route, I won with the ticket method of confirmation of identity: passport of a sailor. On other tickets, we were given bad rooms and service passports (the system didn't miss ours, so instead of zeros wpisywaliśmy "about"). Nobody did it any problems.

Types of trains

  • Form (firmiennyj) - the fastest, as a rule, new or refurbished carriages, offers the highest level of the trip. This is the most expensive type of train, where the cost of travel from Moscow to Vladivostok can reach 4000 - 5000zł. I personally do not recommend this type of train usually go only to businessmen and tourists.
  • Hasty (skoryj) - much faster, a little more expensive and more convenient than the ferry, an analogue of our ambulance. This is the best option for travellers and ordinary Russians. Recommend.
  • Passenger (pasażerskij) is the cheapest and slowest, often stops. It is not necessary to choose, I think that we have to overcome this route many time.

Classes of cars

  • Suite - the most expensive, most luxurious, not less interesting. If you want to know real Russians and see how their life, then I do not recommend.
  • Coupe - similar to our second class, the price is about dwókrotnie higher than "płackartę". For this amount we get a closed, four-seat coupe.
  • Płackarta - option the cheapest and certainly the most interesting from a social point of view. In płackarcie we will move in the open, bezprzedziałowym car in which between any four beds (two bunk beds), we only have thin walls. In addition, along the corridor there is a number of places located parallel to the direction of motion (also layers), which leads to the fact that in the same car going to go along with satellites dozens of people. This is a fantastic way to meet other people, sincerely recommend.

Some practical information

The trains of the TRANS alcohol stronger than beer, and that life together we were not able to drink even half of wine when we were approached by Mrs saying that we can't do that. Of course, drinking quite openly, while maintaining a bit of caution you can easily finish a bottle.

In the train we should not take their own bed linen, or because it is included in the price, or you can buy linen while riding. Round the clock services are available free hot water. A stop at the station can continue from several to several tens of minutes, during which we are dealing with real space: the train on the way "babuszki" food, fruit, drinks and even fur coats for sale. Unfortunately, the prices can be even two times higher, so you should provide food before leaving, and, possibly, on long stations to go to the store.

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