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Kylemore Abbey

Localization: Ireland.
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Panorama klasztoru Kylemore nad jeziorem Kylemore Lough
Panorama of the monastery of Kylemore lake Kylemore Lough.

Irish Mainistir on Coille Móire. Abbey in County Galway, on the shores of Kylemore Lough. It was built in the Gothic revival style during Mitchell Henry in 1868. The architect was romantically together in the monastery, the motives and details taken from the famous sacred British Isles, including the Cathedral in Norwich.

Kylemore castle was built as a private home for the family of Mitchell Henry, a wealthy doctor from London whose family was involved in textile manufacturing in Manchester. In Ireland, Mitchell was a politician, and in the period 1871 - 1885 sat in the Irish Parliament.

The castle was designed by James Franklin "fuller" and required the work of hundreds of people for four years. The building is approximately 3,700 square meters and has more than 70 rooms.

In 1920 the buildings were brought Benedictine that because of the war were forced to leave Belgium. The monastery was damaged by fire in 1959, but was restored. The building of grey limestone, they restaurowane since the 90 ies of XX century and is currently the exclusive international school women carried out by religious sisters.


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