The Giant's Causeway (UK): Unusual and interesting places

The Giant's Causeway

Localization: Bushmills, Northern Ireland, Ireland.
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The Giant's Causeway (Grobla Olbrzyma), Bushmills, Irlandia Północna, Wielka Brytania
Giant's Causeway

This kind of rock, on the coast of Northern Ireland, which consists of tightly Packed basalt columns. The paved road was opened in 1692 by the then Bishop. However, only in the late eighteenth century, gained importance for the world, when the Lord of Derry Frederick Herrey indicated its environment scientist.

The Giant's Causeway consists of about 37,000, tightly spaced columns, which were formed during the volcanic eruption approximately 50 million years ago. Their creation is associated with spękaniami that were created in the cooling process of lava. Interesting facts: the vast majority of speakers is the basis of the hexagonal, and the tallest of them even reach twelve meters in height.


According to Irish legend, the Causeway was built by the giant Finn MacCumhaill, who was the military leader of the gang Fianna. He wanted to go to Scotland with a dry foot, and there to defeat his counterpart, a Scottish giant. But when he did, it turned out that his opponent is much more, so fled in panic and with the help of his wife, posing as a child. When the Scottish giant came to Ireland, and he saw that the child was terrified (if the big baby, then how great must be adult). Running in Scotland on the road has cut the dam so that the Irishman could not pursue.

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