Island Of The Dolls

Island Of The Dolls

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Just South of Mexico city, directly between the channels Xochimico there is a small, mysterious island which was never supposed to be for tourism. This island is called Isla de las Munecas - island of the Dolls. It is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl who came to meet their fate too soon in strange circumstances. Areas around thousands of people live, but this one island is home to only hundreds of creepy dolls. Their severed limbs, rolling heads and empty eyes adorn the trees nearby. The toys look awful even in the bright southern sun. After dark they make, on the contrary, demonic impression.

Isla de las Munecas, Wyspa Lalek
Isla de las Munecas, island of the Dolls


They say that a long time ago under mysterious circumstances on the island, was found drowned body of a little girl, and is currently hanging in the trees with dolls, took possession of her soul. Local legends say that the toys are moving their heads and pens, and even open my eyes. Some witnesses claim to have heard the dolls, they are whispering among themselves. Others that przepływali next boat, they said that the toys mount them so they arrived on the island. Official website of island claims that, of course, all these people exaggerate and has no way to the island was great, but without a doubt, Isla de las Munecas is a terrifying place that leaves a mark on all visitors. But all these dolls came to the island?

Don Julian Santana Barrera
Don Julian Santana Barrera

The Creator Of The Island Of The Dolls

Don Julian Santana Barrera (pictured nearby) was a man who was engaged and cared about the island. The story says that Julian found podtopioną little girl, but in no way was able to save her life. Soon, the man is ripe for flows along channels doll - most likely owned by it to utopionego a small child. Julian pulled out the doll, and they hung it on a tree to be dead is to respect and support the girl's soul. Many people questioned the existence of girls, but the official version is that man in his solitude, he came up with this story.

Julian was, apparently, pursued to the spirit of the girl and started hanging more dolls to please her spirit. He soon realized the dolls themselves, they were obsessed with her, and went on as hang them around the island. At its closest it looked like he was in the family some kind of invisible force that completely changed him. Probably impressed on him the fact that he could not save the life of a little girl. After 50 years of collectible dolls hang in the trees, Juliana was found dead utopionego exactly in the same place where the drowned girl. Many believe that he joined the spirits on the island.

Local people believe that the Isla de las Munecas is an enchanted place. After the death of Julian in 2001, has become a tourist attraction, where visitors bring and leave more dolls. And these dolls that are already there, they follow their own bezokimi views.


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