Abandoned places in the UK

Abandoned places in England

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Opuszczona Anglia: Wieża zegarowa Brady's Bar
Abandoned England: clock Tower Brady's Bar. Photo: A Block Called Jerm / Flickr.

The UK still is a big economy in the world, and was once one of the largest. Consequently, its territory has created many amazing structures, state institutions, hospitals, factories, palaces or mansions. Running history, led to the fact that some of them podupadły, extinct, desert. I will try to show here some of them.

Opuszczona Anglia: Fabryka cieni GKS w Birmingham.
Abandoned England: the shadow Factory GKS in Birmingham. Photo: tomclarkblog.blogspot.com

1. Abandoned clock tower Brady's Bar

Bar in Brixton (a district of South London) which was something of a musical Mecca - Jimi Hendrix played there regularly appeared at the sessions jamm'those. Unfortunately, a large cegar on top of not ticking for many decades. Due to the campaign of the Association "Back to the Future style" called "Save the clock tower" and the audience through her means, moving slowly works towards to save these abandoned places - as in the case using paint, drawing it.

Opuszczone Forty Maunsella, Anglia
Abandoned FORTS Maunsella, England. Photo: Arizu Velville / stylowi.pl

2. GKN Shadow Factory: an Abandoned factory of shadows

Located in Birmngham, the factory was built in 1854. The so-called Factory, shadows was supposed to be a response to the needs of industry before the SECOND world war. The factory in Birmingham produced nearly half of the nuts and bolts in the UK. Located on fifty acres and employed about 4,500 people.

Opuszczony szpital w Hellingly, Wielka Brytania
The abandoned Hellingly hospital, UK. Photo: Paul / Flickr.

3. FORTS Maunsella

Steel tower, which are in the mouths of two rivers: the river Thames and Medway, the two rivers of the UK. Fortifications were built during the SECOND world war and was planted in the ground forces and naval forces. The designer of the building was Guy Maunsell, from the name.©the ego took its name. It was abandoned in the late 50-ies. Interestingly, these "tower" was later the offices of the radio pirates and nieuznawanego of the Principality of Sealand.

4. The abandoned Hellingly hospital

This abandoned psychiatric hospital (or an abandoned mental hospital) was built in 1898 in the County of East Sussex. The hospital had its own electric line leading to the nearby train station. It was one of the five psychiatric hospitals in Southeast England, had the children's Department. Was closed in 1994, and since then it's been empty.

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