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Hashima Island, Japan

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Opuszczona wyspa Hashima pod koniec XIX wieku.
Hashima island in the late nineteenth century.

Jutting out of the sea a rock, which turned into a major industrial center not only in the coal mine, but also a plant for the production of military equipment industries. In the second half of the XX century, this small island with a population of more than five thousand people.

Opuszczona wyspa Hashima - zdjęcie archiwalne.
Abandoned hashima island photo archive.

The whole history of hashima island began in 1887, when there were discovered rich deposits of coal situated at a depth of about 600 meters under the sea level. From now on, when using material left from digging the mines, the island began to increase artificially. In 30-ies years of XX century, except mine also had a factory for the production of military industry. The mine was owned by Mitsubishi group.

During the SECOND world war brought many people from China and Korea for forced labor, many of them died. After the war, the island reached its heyday: there were 25 different stores, 30 houses, a school, a cemetery, two pools and two hospitals. In 1959 it was established that the island with a population of 5259 people that at small dimensions of the island was really a huge number (it was one of the most densely populated places on earth).

Abandoned hashima island currently

70 years, ATI XX century is the time of the departure of the coal and its replacement by a new resource: oil. In 1974 Mitsubishi closes the mine and throughout the month the island wyludnia completely becoming a Ghost town. For many years the entrance to the island was very severely punished - the Japanese government tried to protect this place from złomiarzami.

Since 2008, wanted to enter uninhabited hashima island in the world heritage list of UNESCO, but it happened with a large warning in South Korea because of the many pomarłych during the forced labor of Koreans. All this, however, did not survive into 2015, however, the island was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Currently, a trip on the abandoned island of hashima is allowed, but only in areas appropriately suited for that (mainly talking about security). There were also attempts to build a Museum on the island, but it was connected with too wysokomi costs.

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