Pomorskie - Abandoned Villa TVP Wroclaw: information, history, photos.

Abandoned Villa TVP Wroclaw: History, information.

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The building from the outside

No one knows the answer to the question why members of the Masonic lodges liked this place, which was later witnessed numerous secret rituals. The hill on which stands an abandoned Villa now called "the devil".

The old explanation it is said that before the times of the small hill on which now stands abandoned Villa, and which was previously surrounded by thick forest, full grzęzawisk and treacherous paths, upodobały themselves witches. Sent it mysterious rituals, summoned demons, etc. Apparently at the top of the hill the boulder was to bring back one of the devils to witches might for him to pass. Much time has passed, and demonic history is still alive in people's memory.

Maybe it is through the aura of mystery and magic, a few hundred years later, fell in love with these masons hill. Mysterious jegomoście from under the sign of the trowel and the compass that is a Villa standing on the hill (at the foot), and they chose as the place of their meetings. In the nineteenth century regularly met members of the Lodge of Three Rooms. History since then, no one could stay longer in one place in this building. In destined to be lonely a desolate place, so far, apparently, at night you can see strange lights.

According to local residents, one of the former owners after the move he died in the building only a few days, then moved out complaining of the strange and terrible sounds, which building, it seemed, at night.

Unfortunately, the truth is unpleasant. A lot of stories about paranormal phenomena from the area came shortly after the SECOND world war. It was a terrible time of pain and sudden death, during which such stories was a real learning day by day.

Currently, this abandoned Villa belongs to the branch of the Polish Television, but not used, and more and more destroyed.

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