Opolskie - Abandoned Palace in Łączanach: information, history, photos.

Abandoned Palace in Łączanach: History, information.

Localization: Opole Voivodeship, Poland.
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Abandoned Palace in Łączanach. Reprint prints teki Dunckera.

The Palace was built in 1853, how would "required" fire of the previous building that stood here before. His final story is, unfortunately, something of unfulfilled dreams - its last private owner was going to arrange his residence, miscalculated, however, with costs, after which the Palace was terribly neglected.

But let us return to the nearby village. For the first time in historical sources the name we find in the early fourteenth century when it is also called "Lanka" - just from the meadows. Two centuries later, we see the name, functioning to this day: Łączany. Unfortunately, we are unable to trace the fate of the city for centuries - the absence of any reliable historical materials.

So we get to the nineteenth century when it is written we that the village belongs to the family von Prittwitz und Gaffron. We find here, and 1839, when the land Łączańską makes wianie Elena Friedrich von Prittwitz, married Ferdinand, King Henry Pfoertner von der Hoelle. I should add that the Palace Łączanach has been here for some time, however, twelve years after the wedding (1851) he burned to the ground.

Abandoned castle in Łączanach. Photo taken before the SECOND world war.

Soon after, in 1853, the family Pfoertner von der Hoelle decided to put the new Palace. The construction lasted a little over a year. They developed a complex in neo-Gothic style that stands here today. I should add that the building was still the so-called Tudor style, where they characterized the Palace before the fire.

The Tudor - style, emerging from the 80s of the XV century to the middle of the XVI century, during the reign of the Tudor dynasty, in the terminal phase of the Gothic of the English language, when in architecture is just beginning to receive the elements of the Renaissance.

During the SECOND world war in a Palace in Łączanach in the framework of "Kinderlandverschickung" sent here with Kolinii about a hundred boys aged around 10 - 16 years. Officially it was about exposing children to the city life in the fresh air and work in the countryside, but it was just propaganda. Really wanted to protect them from nagminnymi bombing of major urban anglomeracji. In one of the cabinets, apparently, you can find another sticker with a German eagle and child signatures.

After the war the building was in the hands of the municipality, the Palace was inhabited by several families. Some time later the object was sold to a private owner who wanted to build his residence here. He threw residents, however, miscalculated the costs. He neglected the Palace, nothing doing. The facility fell into total disrepair. In this state, the municipality was deprived of the building, but najprawdopoddobniej it was too late. The abandoned Palace the Inclusion currently for sale, but it would cost an astronomical sum. In the register of monuments of art were made on March 10, 1977, after a year there, he ended up also Park.

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User image Wkurzony
12 December 2016, 21:45
Niestety czytając historię tego opuszczonego miejsca trudno darować panu dawnemu właścicielowi. To, że się przeliczył w kosztach wcale go nie usprawiedliwia - zniszczył polski zabytek, fragment dziedzictwa narodowego. Niestety takich przykładów jest mnóstwo, a opuszczonych miejsc coraz więcej.
User image zyciowy
2 March 2017, 23:04
nie oceniaj jak nie wiesz dlaczego sie przeliczyl, jakbys wiedzial/a co to jest konserwator zabytkow to moze bys zrozumial/a ;)

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