Świętokrzyskie - Palace Tarłów: information, history, photos.

Palace Tarłów: History, information.

Localization: Świętokrzyskie, Poland.
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Pałac Tarłów, Podzamcze Piekoszowskie
Palace Tarłów once, Pidzamche Piekoszowskie. Source: Sophocles.eu

The Palace was built in the mid-seventeenth century to one of the richest Polish families magnackich - Tarłów emblem Axe. Currently this devastation, the walls of which hangs a basket for playing basketball.

N the beginning of the XVII century, a well near the village Piekoszowa came into possession of a magnate family Tarłów about the emblem Axe. It was in those days one of the richest genera magnackich. The Palace itself was built by the voivode of Lublin, John, Alexander ROE, for his second wife Princess Anna Czartoryskiej.

The Palace was designed and oversaw the construction of Thomas Poncino Italian architect responsible, among other things, the Palace of the Krakow Bishops in Kielce. Construction started in 1649 and lasted six years. The object was created in the Baroque style. The whole project will cost so much that John ROE will have to sell, while thirty of their villages. Near the enterprise was built as a small Palace imienionowy gift for my wife.

Wife Spawn, Czartoryska, she did not want to imagine a birthday party to take her to a new Palace on the sled. That was funny, it was the middle of summer. What did the nobleman? Ordered to waste all the road salt and use the horses to the sleigh.

In 1842 along well with the Palace was acquired by Kazimierz Sosnowski. Even then the Palace was in bad condition, as the roof leaked water does first neglect. Eighteen years later (1860), the Palace burnt down. Acquired Alexander Kozlovsky, who tried useless to rebuild the Palace. Unfortunately, he failed to fix only part of the object as dead. The building was inherited by the family Dobrzańskich, and after the war passed into the hands of the state. Since then, destroyed, abandoned place.

A legend and treasure

After the village passed a legend according to which inside an abandoned Palace hidden konfederackie gold mighty opposed to the reign of Augustus III the Saxon. Tarłowie (Ian and Adam) wanted to overthrow the ruler, prepared the first bill on which the Constitution of the Third of May. Are also collected gold in the military.

When August III found out about knowaniach, Adam Spawn moved gold. He planned to give them while the image of the Seimas, his uncle, living in Warsaw, but that, however, two days before fought a duel with the Casimir Poniatowski and died. Say that gold was never found.

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