Mazowieckie - Abandoned Palace in Warsaw: information, history, photos.

Abandoned Palace in Warsaw: History, information.

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Opuszczony pałac w Pruszkowie
The attic of an abandoned Palace in Pruszkow - likely to have been here to commit satanic rituals and black masses.

In Poland, these abandoned places, which are already by their appearance cause tremors and trembling. When you add to this room full of candles, inscriptions in Latin and pentagramów, then we can be sure that we have a very interesting study.

Abandoned Palace in Pruszkow near Warsaw was built in 1904 and at first there was a hospital that was intended for workstations located near the Railway Workshops. During the first world war, the Russian army occupied the territory, then all bets rozgrabiła. Railway workshops in Pruszkow ceased to exist (in 1915 warszaty were evacuated deep into Russia), and, consequently, the function of the hospital ceased to have meaning.

Pruszków opuszczony pałac
Abandoned Palace in Warsaw Pruszkow K.

After some time, the building was abandoned. In 1919 there was opened a branch of the school (an ordinary school, a former railway) which is less than twenty years later got its patron Saint: Maria Curie-Składowską as its banner. School colloquially przezwano "Kolejówka" and in this form survived not only the war but before the mid-seventies. The institution occupied two buildings. The second was on the street may 3, and here is kindergarten, first base classes, the dining room (where the described building dowożono children with special train) and the house Manager of the now school. Soon, however, because in 1938, a second building was commissioned Hundred Station, which is a mansion of red brick classes should start to be carried out in two shifts.

During the SECOND world war the school building was seized by the Nazis, throwing the school out of its headquarters and opening a boarding school for German children from school ewangelickiej. Later poles again opened as a branch of education. Later, there was only elementary school (primary School No. 5 in Pruszkow) and operated until June 1974, when it was dissolved.

The building was empty. Unfortunately, it is not known how long. But it is known that in the 80-ies, these there was opened to the tourist base PTSM called "Tramp". In this form it is an abandoned place functioned until around the late 90s (one of the users says that his colleague around 1998 he did here osimnastkę). It is also known that often in this 'hotel' stayed visitors from beyond the Eastern border, apparently in routes mobile after the Polish markets. It passed into the hands of the Polish-Greek company in exchange for niespłacone long ZNTK in respect of the company. In recent years there were plans separate shelves and restoration of the building to open the office. Even started was the repair, but for unknown reasons was interrupted. Currently, the red brick mansion, left, and more and more destroyed. Entered in the register of monuments.

I should add that some time ago the neighbors complained about strange noises and light blocked out of an abandoned Palace in Pruszkow. This is not surprising, as in the attic of the hotel, someone, most likely staged black masses. This is evidenced wyrysowany in the same room the pentagram, candles and numerous Latin inscriptions. In another room in the attic was built a sort of throne padded red cloth.

The condition of the building at the present time is deplorable. In addition fotogeniczną stairwell and a few plakietkom with subtitles, a lonely place absolutely wyprute of all that is of some value and could be raised. Złomiarzom even managed rozkraść part of the metal roof. A few years ago there was here also a small fire.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Black masses
Neighbors often complained of the abandoned Palace in Pruszkow reach their unsettling sounds and sometimes light. Judging by what I saw inside, had here the rites of worship of the devil. In addition, in an adjacent room, was built something in the shape of a throne.
Staircase of an abandoned Palace. The photo of the staircase from the first floor to the first floor and second floor. The hotel itself is located in the neighborhood of the capital city of Warsaw.
One of the strange rooms, what in the last time I was able to visit. In this old, abandoned Palace is, without a doubt, someone was trying to hold the black masses. Her face was a place near Warsaw in Pruszków. The writing on the wall "Cain Deus Pater" - refers to Cain elder son of Adam and eve - Cain, the murderer of his brother. "Deus Pater" means in Latin "God the Father".
One of the premises of the Palace on the ground floor. Here you can see the poster, which almost burst open, and several boxes. Unfortunately, the facility is not left with a lot of household items. The abandoned place is located near Warsaw.
The room on the first floor
Abandoned the Palace is huge and has many rooms and nooks and crannies. Interestingly, here you can find at least two in good condition hubcaps Mercedes, who was, however, pleasant. The abandoned space is located near the city of Warsaw.
Old buck
One of the premises in the basement of this abandoned Palace in Pruszkow (near Warsaw). In the building there was too much equipment, however the Palace itself is impressive in its atmosphere, the size and space. In addition, in the attic there is a room, no doubt used by Satanists to conduct a black mass.
The throne of Satan
On the second floor of an abandoned Palace in Pruszkow K. Warsaw is not only the area painted on the floor pentagramem, but also the throne spowitym in red material. They are, without a doubt, these premises were also used to conduct a black mass in honor of Satan.
The site
The second photo przestawiające the main entrance doors in pruszkowska abandoned Palace. The abandoned place, no doubt, has a magical atmosphere, thanks to which I managed to take some really good photos.
The entrance to the Palace
The main entrance to the abandoned Palace in Pruszkow from the inside. As they say, to anyone, once there was a tourist base and a hotel. Abandoned place has a wonderful climate.
The entrance to the second floor
Beautiful staircase in an abandoned Palace of red brick in Warsaw (Pruszkow). On the wall is the inscription "Et Magistratus Emil dei Ducatus et Sancrum". I tried to translate the text and with two corrections: 1. The inscription Emil was assigned (means nothing in Latin). 2. In the inscription I have literówca Sancrum -> Sanctum (which means literally "Spirit"). Leave us "Et Magistratus dei Ducatus et Sanctum," which means "the Judge of the Duchy and the Holy spirit."
Outside view
Great deserted Palace of red brick, situated in a village near Warsaw, pruszków. The biggest feature is the fact that in his attic, most likely, conducted satanic rituals, because there is drawn a pentagram, numerous candles and a pseudo-throne owity in red materie, etc.
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User image Goru
6 November 2016, 21:34
Niesamowite miejsce, podobno jeszcze w lutym nie było na górze śladów po tych czarnych mszach :-)
User image Mari2
6 November 2016, 21:57
Super zdjęcia!
User image Marcin G.
Marcin G.
7 November 2016, 13:31
Bardzo ciekawy architektonicznie obiekt, bardzo podoba mi się wieża zegarowa. Znalezisko na strychu PRZERAŻAJĄCE.
User image Wiśnia
8 November 2016, 15:38
pentagram kozak ;-D
User image MatiUrbex
10 November 2016, 10:39
Trzeba koniecznie tam wyskoczyć, jak kiedyś byłem w pałacu to było pusto, a teraz takie rzeczy na strychu :)
User image Wonsky
15 November 2016, 16:45
Jak tam byłem w styczniu to jeszcze śladów nie było po tych wszystkich pentagramach, łacińskich napisach itp. To wskazuje na to, że rytuały / czarne msze odbywały się dosyć rzadko i w sumie w krótkim czasie, bo teraz znowu chyba nic się tam nie dzieje.
User image Rolo
16 November 2016, 17:30
Kto by pomyślał, że na tym świecie jeszcze istnieją sekty :-D Swoją drogą bardzo fajny ten opuszczony pałac w Pruszkowie..
User image Ha!
12 December 2016, 21:48
Ha ha nie mogę, kto by pomyślał że w tym starym pałacu takie rzeczy się dzieją na strychu! :-D No nieźle, ciekawe czemu sataniści zawsze wybierają opuszczone miejsca.. Mieszkam niedaleko, myślałem kiedyś o wejściu do pałacu, ale teraz chyba podziękuję.. Brawo dla Into the Shadows za odwagę.
User image szatko
4 February 2017, 15:59
Cześć, tam nie ma żadnych kłódek itp ? Na luzie można się tam dostać ? zaintrygowało mnie to miejsce
User image etihuvi
6 June 2017, 18:05 -
User image rto
31 August 2017, 18:39
bzdura jakich mało
User image Emma
15 May 2018, 15:10
Bzdura. Radzę się douczyć w kwestii satanizmu.j
User image susantheweirdoYT
18 July 2018, 22:22
Byłam tam z 2 koleżankami by zbadać to miejsce, ponieważ mieszkamy w Pruszkowie 20 minut od tego pałacu i dosłownie nic tam nie było. Nagrałyśmy spory materiał, który miał być parodią "ghostbusters", wszystko było ok tylko pod koniec uchwyciłyśmy coś naprawdę dziwnego, mógł to być śpiący bezdomny albo cokolwiek. Ale pentagramu tam już nie ma, jest tylko obskurnie, a wszędzie widnieją grafitti z głupimi tekstami typu MARCIN KOCHAM CIĘ, bądz SZATANA NIE MA.
User image KOJOT
3 August 2018, 22:41
Wybieram sie tam jest super
User image Pianolka
23 October 2018, 19:31
Czy można tam bez problemu wejsc?
User image Eldzi
16 February 2019, 21:34
Byłem wczoraj. Na gorze znajdują się gołębie i kapie woda (nie wiadomo skąd, dlaczego), słychać straszne podmuchy wiatru, wręcz gwizdanie. Wejście bezproblemowe, gorąco polecam
User image gość
4 March 2019, 15:30
Strona fatalna kiepsko zrobiona , fotki tak strasznie przerobione że po odwiedzeniu miejsca można zupełnie go nie poznać , co innego fotki co innego rzeczywistość i od tego ta ściema z duchami eh kupa gówna

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