Opolskie - Abandoned mill Amerikon / Americans: information, history, photos.

Abandoned mill Amerikon / Americans: History, information.

Localization: Opole Voivodeship, Poland.
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Herb rodziny Oppersdorff - Pisarzowice, młyn Amerykan
The coat of arms of the family Oppersdorff. Mill in Pisarzowicach was in their possession for nearly 300 years.

The first mention of the mill in Pisarzowicach appear in 1301, when did the documents governing the new property not only mill, but also the patronage, the power Soltys, the floor of the tavern, farm and much, much more. The new owner gets the Cistercian order, the old one was a knight Adco von Schreibersdorf.

Years go by. When describing the Abbot of the Cistercian Nikolausa background Longau with 1502, we may find that over time one of the mills has been strong enough to destruction, the Abbot did not consider it in your text are written the words: "a good mill with two wheels that runs continuously throughout the year." XV century brings significant changes: monks lose their power over Pisarzowicami and the mill. For more than 100 years of mill in Pisarzowicach often changes owners, to finally in 1646 to be provided to the family Oppersdorffow, who was until the XX century.

Over the next two hundred years in the mill does not change, and in 1845 we can find in the notes historicznych: "the old water mill on the banks Osobłogą with three adjacent dwellings". Then, however, the mill assumes the count Edward Georg Maria von Oppersdorff (lived in the late 1800 - 1889), who decides to rebuild the mill in Pisarzowicach for the new American prayer. Made it up to Redclay Creek (Delaware, USA) Oliver Evans, who lived in the period 1755 - 1819. Locals przechrzcili in his Silesian dialect "Amerikon", the name he took, and so it was until today: abandoned mill "Americans" in Pisarzowicach.

It is known that the mill American technology to work in 1862, as the local newspaper "new city Kreisblatt" find a record on 26 July 1862:

"American mill in Pisarzowicach wheel Głogówka lists all of the grain, according to the market prices for flour and feed of each type. There is also the possibility of buying all kinds of flour and feed. The best support is provided.”

We know that in 1929 the mill "Americans" still belonged to the count von Oppersdorffa, and worked at the factory and a bakery. We can find that the bread from this bakery just didn't have the best, even the most ciężkostrawne in the same area, but not absolute, assurance confirmation of this information. In 1930, count Wilhelm Hans von Oppersdorff (lived in the period 1896 - 1989) decides to sell the mill for a buyer Pia, Janocha. It was the last Miller in Pisarzowicach.

Opuszczony młyn Amerykan w Pisarzowicach na starej mapie
Abandoned mill Americans Pisarzowicach on the old map

Pius was originally from the Old Kotkowic. Led an office with a shop, engaged in trade in products necessary for agricultural production. He also cherry alley, and fruits to sell in poblickich cities. Earns as much in 1920 as the city's first bought the car and although I never learned how to ride on it, wyręczali his nephews. Pius Janocha settled in the mill building on an ongoing basis. With the help of family rebuilt the old buildings, wybrukował access to holdings acquired the surrounding land (it was about 10 hectares of land). His property has evolved so much that it was on a very right track to becoming an important point Pisarzowic. The mill was also family Sunday walks are also planned. In those days there came here the inhabitants of such villages as Kornica Łowkowice, Komorniki, and many others in the same area.

After the SECOND world war Pisarzowice was taken by the Russians. Unfortunately, ambitious and hardworking people, which, no doubt, was Pius, did not like the new government. As soldiers, as well as the administration used every opportunity that he naprzykrzyć. Frequent beatings, in the end, led to his death in 1946.

Old mill in Pisarzowicach inherited his older brother, Joseph Janoc (lived in the period 1904 - 1969). A bricklayer, decided to rebuild the bakery on chlewy and stables. Most of the buildings and has hired you as the fact that the mill is not brought too large a profit. The Polish army used them as arms depots, she lived here also, the company of the Polish army. In the 60's, these were here point of tax collection (which the farmers will be forced to pay in nature, that is, giving birds, etc.). Later the building was rented by the Bata Shoe factory. Joseph Janocha's dying in 1969. Soon after his wife leaves Silesia, and in 1977, also the rest of his family. The mill was empty.

Abandoned mill in Pisarzowicach currently able agonalnym: no roof, crumbling walls. Around 1980, the collapsed wooden bridge over the river, giving access to the mill from one side. Interestingly, all the surrounding farmland is very well planned, because dealing with them is the granddaughter of Joseph Fuchs Janochy. Definitely worth to go to this place, the old buildings in combination with bile fields have something from Sunny Italy.

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Więcej zdjęć
29 July 2016, 12:58
Hej, czy jest możliwość dodania większej ilości zdjęć? Bardzo chętnie bym się tam wybrał, ale wiem że jest więcej budynków, a chcę zaplanować sesję zdjęciową w tym opuszczonym miejscu.
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2 September 2016, 16:24
Dzięki za historię, mój dziadek chodził z babcią do Amerykana :-)
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Into the Shadows
16 November 2016, 10:37
Ciekawa i, niestety, bardzo tragiczna historia..
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Marek P.
16 November 2016, 17:40
Dzięki za wrzucenie tu tego opuszczonego miejsca, jak widzę doszło kilka zdjęć więcej - super! Czy mogę napisać o tym obiekcie na swoim blogu? Oczywiście podpiszę źródło.

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