Łódzkie - : information, history, photos.

: History, information.

Localization: Łódź Voivodeship, Poland.
Warning! The following content has been translated automatically and may contain errors, Polish characters or make no sense at all. It is a single-person project and unfortunately I do not have time to translate long texts into English. If you want me to translate any part of this text or you need any other information, feel free to contact me.
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Photos of abandoned place.

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User image Tarran1
2 September 2016, 14:53
Masz może więcej zdjęć z tego opuszczonego miejsca?
User image mont
27 September 2016, 12:54
Fajna opuszczona miejscówka ;-)
User image Koki22
30 October 2016, 17:45
Jeśli chodzi o zdjęcia to mogę podesłać,bylem tam i polecam obejrzeć miejsce :)
User image Rudolf Kamiennooki
Rudolf Kamiennooki
16 November 2016, 17:35
Bardzo ciekawe opuszczone miejsce, szczególnie te stare ciężarówki wyglądają niesamowicie.
User image some
8 May 2017, 19:56
Można prosić o więcej zdjęć
User image Radek77
28 May 2017, 00:37
Mieszkałem przez 25 na Karolewie i nie mam pojęcia gdzie to jest. Czy to jest za torami?
User image Brak
13 December 2019, 19:53
Na jakiej to ulicy??
User image Ciekawa motoryzacji
Ciekawa motoryzacji
13 December 2019, 19:54
Na jakiej to ulicy?? Posiadasz więcej zdjęć?? Jest to jeszcze??

My travels.

As you may have noticed, nothing on this site has been added for some time. But no, I did not leave this project, I'm just busy with others. Currently I am building a website called Fshoq!, where I'm writing a travel blog, where you can find both my new and those old adventures. So if you are waiting for more of my texts or pictures, this is the place I think it is worth looking into. After I will make Fshoq! site more popular, I'm going to get back to Into the Shadows, as I'm having more and more explorations of abandoned places to describe. Meanwhile, see you later!

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