Mazowieckie - The Fortress Of Modlin: information, history, photos.

The Fortress Of Modlin: History, information.

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Twierdza Modlin kiedyś, zdjęcie archiwalne
Modlin fortress from the height of bird flight. German photo of the old citadel during the occupation, taken between 1939 and 1944.

The longest building in Europe and second in the world. Four times Modlin fortress was surrounded by foreign troops: if they are here, the Russians, three times Polish. A silent witness of many battles, sieges, destructions and disasters.

The first information about Modlin we find in a document from 1426, the year in the so-called Book court Zakroczymskiej. Modlin was named her "de Moglino". The following information we find in 1549, when Modlin appears to us as a village in which lived 32 kmieci, and her conduct was powiedzchnię 450 hectares Belonged to wóczas for festival of the Burgrave of Krakow Martin Wolski, who this year sold Modlin Queen Voucher.

The Swedish deluge, the first fortress

In 1655 Charles X Gustav begins the implementation of their plans of development of the Baltic Sea basin, the Flood Swedish. The Swedes quickly occupied the most important city as great Poland, Pomerania and Mazovia. At this time, close to Modlin collects militia. In September the troops of the invaders is a New Yard and start to build the bridge to directly attack the Polish army.

In the same place will be built a fortress on the plan czteroramiennej stars, the so-called "Bugskansen". This first fortification was created on the site of the present Modlin - Swedes rated this place first.

Twierdza Modlin mapa
The plan of the Fortress Nowogieorgiewsk second half of the nineteenth century. Fig. "Atlas of fortresses of the Russian Empire".

After the defeat of the Poles Zakroczymiem the battle, the Swedes occupied the village of Moglino and opened a path in the direction Plantsci.

Russian occupation

During the occupation the Russians had the intent to build a large fortress, and that it was strategically very important place. The project was developed by a engineer from Finland van Suchtelen. She had to have the name of the nearby town of Zakroczym and be a Bastion type with full fork length to the West fortami. However, due to subsequent events (Napoleon), the project was never implemented.

The time of Napoleon

In 1807 was established the Duchy of Warsaw under French protection. On the website Modlin was originally supposed to be built a temporary fortress, serving as storage of food. Was supposed to be responsible for this General Prosper de Chasseloup-Laubat. Construction began in 1807 and go she walked slowly and reluctantly, in 1809, there were the troops of the Duchy of Warsaw after the battle of Raszynem.

A year later (1810) was expanded to a fortress. Wasn't supposed to be more than a temporary fortress magazynująca food - now the Modlin fortress were to become a true fortified camp. New designer and Builder remains Jean-mallet de Granville. In 1811, while working on warownią involved 19,000 people. However, not managed to finish the entire fortress before the war with Russia, but its modernization has been able to very advanced.

After Napoleon's defeat, Russian troops came under the Modlin fortress in 1813 in the amount of 36 000 soldiers. Modlin resisted longer than all the then existing castles: get it, it lasted almost 10 months because before December 1, 1813.

The fortress of Modlin some photos since 1925. In pictures ship in the Fleet Braids modlińskiej built in the yard.

The Russians for the second time

After defeating the army napoleońsskich to the West, to the fortress you enter the main leader of the armed forces of the newly formed Kingdom of Poland, brother of king Constantine. Twenty years nothing happened, until after the November Uprising and removal of the Polish Kingdom, the fortress began to expand as a extreme settlement of tsarist Russia.

The name of the fortress Modlin changed to "Nowogieorgiewsk". The new fortress was begun in 1832 under the leadership of engineer Ivan Ivanovich Dehna. Twelve years later, in front of the fortifications, after drugieej side of the river, was built a large and beautiful barn - the same one which, though in ruins, stands there today. After another twenty years (1864) to be completed barracks for 20,000 soldiers.

In the second part of the XIX century, the Modlin fortress was of great military importance, so during the January Uprising was attempted with the help of soldiers in it, to seize control of it. Was there, then approx. 70 000 rifles, 80 000 of the cargo of powder and 800 guns. Unfortunately, the operation failed and during the uprising, the fortress was in the possession of Russian soldiers.

The first world war

In mid-July 1915 Germany join oblegania Modlin fortress from the West and North. After the capture of Warsaw from the South at fortress comes another group under the name of Westerhagen with a population of 80 000 soldiers with heavy weapons, fortresses. At this time, stationed at fortification 105 000 Russian soldiers, however, very poorly equipped (39 000 rifles, 1,000 old guns).

Nowa twierdza Modlin wizualizacja
Plans for the new fortress Modlin - visualization group Konkret.

August 19 fall of the fortress, on the same day at 19:00, German troops conquered the citadel. Russian kapitulują, destroying fortresses and bridges on the Vistula and Narwii. During the fighting becomes also burned most of the city's New Yard.

II Rzeczypospolita Poland

During the II Republic of Poland little change was made in the Modlin fortress. Managed to fix the main fortifications, was built the shipyard, where they built a small court. Also created a power plant that supplied the castle and the New Mansion. The power plant worked until the mid-twentieth century, and her death stands to this day. It can be seen in the photos below.

The second world war

During the SECOND world war, Modlin fortress was the defensive fortifications of the Poles. In September 1939, lived here for about. 15 000 soldiers. Strengthen the beat day longer from Warsaw. September 29 at 8:00 p.m., General Thommee signed the surrender of the fortress was not enough, as weapons, ammunition, food and medical care. The destruction was enormous: the barracks were badly damaged, burned hospital. Działobitnię in ruins, the bridges on the Vistula and Narwii, bombed the granary. During the Nazi occupation in the Modlin fortress was a centre for the training of recruits and the foothold of the army, and in 1943 was here division of the Wehrmacht. On 18 January 1945, the fortifications were captured by the red Army.

The fortress of Modlin is currently

At present, the fortress in Modlin does not perform any more military functions. Most of the buildings are currently abandoned place. The army was divided the area of the fortifications on smaller portions and wyprzedaje them one after another. In 2012 was sold the barn a year later-private development company bought the main buildings of the fortress that is the citadel and the barracks. Here there are so-called Smart City: Europe's largest Convention center, two hotels, a shopping centre, University and Museum. The investment will cost approx 1.5 billion rubles.

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Photos of abandoned place.

Building barracks
One of the buildings of the barracks in the fortress of Modlin. The distance you can see one of the towers of the fortifications. This is the site of a former military most of the area unused and abandoned people. Not already posted here and the soldiers. The photo was taken with one of modlińskich towers.
The fortress of Modlin, like any other complex, you will need a current. To this end, in 1924, began the construction of the power plant together with eight kilometres of transmission lines. The building functioned before the mid-fifties. To this day preserved the building and the tank for fuel oil, and all the rest, however, were stolen.
Power bottom
This isolated power launched in 1924 in the Fortress of Modlin in the New Dvor Mazowiecki. The building designed in the classical style, is located opposite the so-called "White Tower". Originally had a capacity of 200 horsepower and a constant voltage is 220V. Already a few months later was attached to the alternator with a voltage of 5 kV power Line was eight kilometers. The power plant is always modernizowano.
Stairs in the barracks
One of the many stairways, located in the old abandoned military barracks of the Modlin fortress. Barracks not in the worst condition, because some time is watching a private owner who pozamykał the entrance, and it is not so easy to get inside.
The barracks main entrance
One of the main entrances to the building of the barracks of the Modlin fortress, located near the airport and the city Novyy Dvor, the Same extensive barracks, their building has more than two kilometers in length.
Barracks outside
The photo in the Fortress of Modlin Masovia province, Poland, and more precisely of barracks buildings along with the tower and small round building called "the Royal latryną". Strengthening the soldiers have left, is currently beginning work on in order to create a so-called Smart City - read more on the main object page.
Kitchen in an abandoned military casino, situated in the old fortress of Modlin. It is located in the military barracks, which are the longest building in Europe and second on this indicator in the world. This area is not from tourists.
One of koszarowych bathrooms, which were once mistaken soldiers. It is located in the old abandoned military barracks of the Modlin fortress. It is these constructions of fortifications were built by the Russians.
Room flight school
In the photo one of the rooms that once belonged to the school of the air force of the Polish army, located in the old Modlin fortress, located in Mazovian Voivodeship in the vicinity of the New Yard and Warsaw Modlin airport.
A room in the barracks
The photo is of one of the rooms already in the abandoned military barracks of the military in the Modlin fortress. This is part of the complex that was accessible - if you want to see the sites is unavailable, see other photos from that location.
Room bodyguards
One of the rooms that once housed the troops that are in modlińskiej of a fortress near Warsaw. The inscription on the wall reads: "this case, obviously, the weapon is effective when it is clean."
Empty room
One of the empty rooms, where until recently lived the soldiers. The room is a huge complex of barracks in the building of the fortress of Modlin, which is the longest building in Europe. The fortress was abandoned by the military many years ago, is currently in private hands.
The barn
In the picture we can see the barn in the Modlin fortress, built when the Russian. Was once large and beautiful, when the German bombardment turned into decline and abandoned for many years. Currently, the old granary in Modlin was sold into private hands.
The barn in the old style
In the photo we see the fortress of Modlin, or rather old Russian barn is located on the other side of the river. Unfortunately, the old granary in Modlin was only ruins, and the place for many years abandoned.
Old car
Photo taken on the street abandoned by the soldiers in the barracks of the Modlin Fortress near the New Dvor Mazowiecki. I can not forgive myself, not to make a photo of this charming scenery. As you can see, someone was trying to take care of this old van and dragged him under the bridge that was oozing into the water.
The locker room in a casino
The locker room in the officers ' casino in the Modlin fortress. The name of the casino not mean that at the present time, there are places where you can gamble. Earlier casino " meant a place where you can eat and talk, a place to meet, entertainment for the soldiers.
Military decorations
The photo is made in one part with a length of two kilometers of the barracks, located in the Modlin fortress. You should pay attention to the model of iron ornaments, which the military used to decorate the space - they represent Jesus, who is eating some strange animals. Not hard to guess that these decorations are likely Russian made.
Zakratowany corridor
The main, longest building of the fortress in Modlin is divided into many small different purposes, odgrodzonych from each other basically exactly like the barred passages.
Cast iron decoration
The second photo with a picture of the iron decoration placed in the Modlin Fortress - fortifications, which some time ago had left the army and is currently in private hands. You should pay attention to the shape of the ornaments, which, in my opinion, represent the figure of Jesus, who is plagued by strange black creatures.
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