First tablet: how and what to pay attention to when buying

Tablet. What to pay attention to.

A very large tablet with its own screen. The road case.

The first tablets appeared on the market, had a fairly high price and not too common. These days, the cost is not a big problem. If we want to have a tablet it is very important that when buying to pay attention to a few details. And it is better to buy in person, not over the Internet.

The size of the tablet

For professional use we recommend a tablet with a larger surface. The smallest of them have a workspace, as a rule, size about 9x12cm and can be used for fun or taking the first steps in the graph. However, sooner or later, if we don't have a straw of enthusiasm, we wanted to invest in a larger size. If you are going to use the tablet for a complex graphics processing - I recommend these size work surface above 20x15cm. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the tablet was fit for Your monitor - if you have a widescreen monitor, you should be interested in a tablet, the size of which is BB scale 16:10.


The pen should be above all comfortable and well develop in the palm of your hand. The best feathers are those which give the impression that we hold in our hands a real tool. Although it may seem strange, for most people easier, they're heavier than a feather. A very important feature of the feathers are programmable buttons that niesamiwicie facilitate the work. Besides basic actions, such as pressing the middle and right mouse button, we can install the most often used by us actions such as file save or cancel the last action.

It is also worth to mention about a very useful feature of eraser, which, fortunately, currently proposed in these cheap tablets. The device with the higher shelves, I also propose a reading of the angle of the pen and the pressure applied to the tablet - it is invaluable when modeling real instruments on a computer screen.

It is also important to pay attention to possible yourself to pressing of the pen - it decides on the effective simulation of the real instrument. With its help we decide how much virtual ink you want to use for our graphics. The best tablets have up to 1,024 degrees of pressure of the stylus.


Of course, the higher, the allows you to work with greater accuracy. Average graphics tablets available in the market have a resolution of 2540 dpi, and professional solutions starting from 5080 dpi.

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