Photo sessions and other

Photo sessions and other images.

On this page you will find all photos that do not fit in other places, including photo sessions, concert photography etc.I will also write here all kinds of articles and guides related to photography.

I made the decision that this page will be strictly about abandoned places, not about photography. So I decided to create my new photography blog, where I will write about cuirses and tutrials about photography and programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. Soon I will put there also my travel photos, so feel invited!

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My travels.

As you may have noticed, nothing on this site has been added for some time. But no, I did not leave this project, I'm just busy with others. Currently I am building a website called Fshoq!, where I'm writing a travel blog, where you can find both my new and those old adventures. So if you are waiting for more of my texts or pictures, this is the place I think it is worth looking into. After I will make Fshoq! site more popular, I'm going to get back to Into the Shadows, as I'm having more and more explorations of abandoned places to describe. Meanwhile, see you later!

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